Top 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about Underwear

Underwear is clothing that is primarily designed to be worn under other clothes, usually closest to the body. They can act as a protection for the other clothes from body fluids, shape the body or support certain body parts. But all of this you clearly knew already, as follows, here are 10 facts about underwear that you might have a little less eye on!

Top 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about Underwear

Only 10% own more than 35 pairs of underwear …
On average , a European woman owns about 21 different pairs of underwear. Only around 10% own 35 pairs of underwear or more.

02World record in underwear …
Ten-year-old Jack Singer from Warwick, New York, had 215 pairs of underwear on June 13, 2010 . That is, he broke the previous record of 200 pairs and thus ended up in Guinness Records . What an achievement!


03To wear g-string has, according to research, importance …
Trend analysts have found that a woman wearing a g-string is a typical woman who feels more unharmed and more sure to show off her body . Sexually , she is more willing to try different and creative things.


Six different sizes of brass during the woman’s lifetime …
On average, a woman lives through her life with six different sizes of brass during her developmental periods. Most bra’s should also be replaced every six months.


05A little out of date, women seem to have the biggest bust in Britain.
On average, the biggest bra is sold in Britain , while the Japanese account for the sales of the average smallest sizes.

06Men not as keen to buy new lingerie as women …
In 2008 , a survey was conducted in the United States about the habits of men when it comes to lingerie . The survey showed that as much as 9% regularly carried men’s over 10 years old and 15% off men who were between five and nine years old.


The world’s perhaps most notorious jungle …?
After the police in Colfax, Washington, grabbed a man named Greg Flaherty after suspiciously hanging around in various laundry cabins, it turned out that he had stolen as much as 1 613 different pairs of women’s underwear. However, in the report, they never appeared if they were stolen before or after they had been washed.


08Red panties
New Year’s tradition in Italy … If you have celebrated New Year’s Day in Italy, you may have noticed that women usually wear red panties ? This is because the red color of the underwear symbolizes happiness and success for the coming year.


As much as 80% are wearing the wrong size …
According to a survey, it has been found that about 80% of women wear the wrong bra size . Always consult competent personnel in connection with obtaining a new Bra.


010The so-called “kalsonggrepp” is a pure life hazard.
You may not have avoided the trend called “the kalson grip ” (or in English ” wedgie “)? Although it may be fun to kidding with their kiddies sometimes, the joke can also be a direct life threat . On October 14, 1996 , a man from Texas, the United States, was picked up with an ambulance after a violent kalson grip. The story also had an unfortunate end when he had to remove one testicle .

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