These Top 20 Best Reasons to Marry Soon

Every adult would have thought about it. Especially if they’ve already established a special relationship with someone marry. However, the marriage into one of the complementary phase of life. Especially for the Muslims, who make the wedding as a sunnah of the Messenger of.

These Top 20 Best Reasons to Marry Soon

For some people, marry has also become a coveted. How happy if our relationship and your partner can legally recognized by state law or religious sanctity. We will wake up and sleep together, managing the possessions, have children, build a complete family, and establish commitment-as dead as lively as the favorite figure.

Some are just in the middle of a stew. Because the wedding is not something that is set duration. By getting married, then we’ve binding body and soul to a person and a family that is formed later. We can not keep hoping will feel phases honeymoon alone. Will be many temptations and storms that attack, and that’s where the test togetherness and bonding at stake.

Nevertheless, the desire to immediately remove the single is not a bad thing. Instead we have to convince ourselves to be more stable or did not hesitate. Why is that? Here is a strong reason why we are already taken should be marry. Jom !

  1. Because you want to meet the sunnah of religion to justify a relationship.
  2. Because we do not want to age with anyone else besides him.
  3. Since we are already comfortable with the current partner.
  4. Since we did the same love for him.
  5. Because marriage offers a healthy and happy relationship.
  6. Because want our children to someday have a family structure that is clear and legitimate.
  7. Because we want to celebrate love and happiness with family, relatives, and friends.
  8. Because we want to have a “home”, a place where we go back and take a break from work or traveling.
  9. Because you want to dig his own identity with through the day with other people who best understand.
  10. Because you want to strengthen the foundation of a solid relationship.
  11. Because you want to channel inner needs on a regular basis.
  12. Because we want to have a baby on the figure of choice.
  13. Because you want to build and foster families .
  14. Because you want to enjoy a hobby or favorite pair together.marry
  15. Because you want to have a partner that is a lasting throughout life.
  16. Because want to face the problem of living together that is lighter.
  17. Because we do not want to die alone.
  18. Because we want no one to care when sick, and vice versa.
  19. Because we can make the family as an excuse for not wander or play games with friends.
  20. Because we so have a reason to survive and continue to fight to defend it.

It’s good to continue to pray or pray istikharah to be more stable lives. Thus, 20 Reasons for Immediate Married .

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