Want To Know How To Make A Convenient Woman? Use These 5 Topic Chats When Dating!

Making women comfortable through chat is always a problem for men. What if the he is still jutek or passive? What if the response is flat? What if you’re nervous and do not know what to say? What are some specific topics that might be interesting to talk about? Take it easy, Guys, this article will help you find a way to make women comfortable just by just chatting!

However, the first rule you must obey first: if you have not put the enthusiasm in your own chat, he will quickly get bored with you.

So, expand your horizons, increase your confidence, because here are 5 powerful chat topics as a way to make women comfortable with you, Guys!

1. Instead of Asking, “What Are You Lecturing in What?”, Better Ask, “Why Did You Choose Lectures In The Department?”

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Everyone knows the question of career and education is very standard and can be boring. Plus, ask him what college in the department will only give you one answer, that is the name of the department without further explanation. It sounds like an interview, is not it?

Using the word “Why” when asking on the sidelines of a chat can give him the opportunity to tell himself, know what his motivation, and find out the interests and things he likes.

2. Instead of Asking, “Where Do You Live?”, Better Ask, “Where Do You Want to Live in the Future?”

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Please just ask where he lives or where he came from so you can know the background of his life or looking for a picture of his childhood.

However, asking him his hopes and dreams in the future is much more important to hear, one of which is asking where he wants to stay in the future. Who knows, his future dreams are in line with your dreams , and he gets more interested in you after knowing it!

3. Instead of Asking, “What’s Your Hobby?”, Better Ask, “Do You Like [Name the Hobby / Activity You Love]?”

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Choose one of the activities or hobbies that you enjoy, then ask the opinion of your hobby.

In addition to determining how suitable you are, you will also hear the story behind the opinions he has about your hobby. For example, you hobby to watch the ball, but the he is less interested in the ball because it does not like the sport, it is predictable there will be other differences that you can meet together at a later time.

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Similarly if the he was also liked what you like. You need not hesitate to invite him to a second date, deh!

4. Instead of Asking, “What Do You Think Funny?”, Better Ask, “When Was The Last Time You Laughed Until You Nangis?”

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This question will give you a super funny story from him. In addition, you also invite laughter and joy in a chat that can melt the chat. You will also know his sense of humor, and if his sense of humor matches you, it’s a bonus for you!

5. Instead of Asking, “What’s Your Target For 5 Years Ahead?”, Better Ask, “If You Can Do What, What Will You Lakuin?”

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Yes, everyone has a target each of them who want to be realized several years to come. However, you can also ask him what the craziest things he wants to do, or whatever activities or hobbies he has long wanted to do, but because he is too busy he does not get to do it. This question will make him tell his fantasies and dreams that he will never tell anyone.

As long as you’re cool, sociable and friendly, he’ll be willing to answer all of your questions without getting bored! Then, how to make a woman comfortable if you yourself still not cool, outgoing, and friendly?

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