Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about the International Space Station

ISS – a shortage of International Space Station – is a space station owned by the United States, Russia, Canada, Japan and a number of European countries. For the United States and Russia, it is a sequel to two former space stations: the United States Skylab and the former Soviet Union, then Russia, Mir.

ISS is an international project, and can be seen as a symbol of the Cold War, where space racing played a major part, is over. You have probably noticed the space station in one movie after the other, but here are ten facts that you might have less eye on!

Top 10 Facts you probably did not know about the International Space Station

01Over 100 spacecraft …
It took astonishing 136 spacecraft on a total of seven different types of launchers to build the international space station. Today, continuous space trips are still taking place to the space station, but mostly for repairs, but in some cases, also, development operations.

02Many laps around the globe … The
space station hoveres for about 7.71 miles per second around our planet – it’s fast enough to get from the moon to the moon back and forth in the course of a day . Likewise, it takes about 90 minutes to take a lap around the globe.

03Extremely long lengths with power cables. In
total there are 12.8 kilometers of electric cables that hold the electrical system together at the station. There is enough cord to blow the hair and plug the hair dryer into a power outlet over a mile away.


Colossal computer resources are required …
According to US NASA, there are a total of 52 computers that control the International Space Station. For the US segment only, there are 1.5 million lines of software code running on 44  computers and communicating via 100 data networks with over  400,000 transmission signals . That’s a part.

05Visits from 15
different countries … For the time being, a total of 211 trained astronauts and cosmonauts have visited the international space station from 15 different countries .

06Not as small as you can think …
You might think your apartment or house is spacious , but there is nothing against the ISS. The 109 meter long space station provides approximately six rooms , and there is space for two toilets . That astronauts are thrown for long periods of time is just a myth .


expensive individual ever built … The international space station was not free to build. On the contrary – it is the most expensive item ever built by man. In total, it cost $ 120,000,000,000 (!), Which was distributed in 16 countries (including Sweden ).

08Filter urine to water …
Two toilets are available at the entire station. The urine of both crew and experimental animals is filtered back into the station’s drinking water supply , so that an astronaut at least never needs to be thirsty.


Closer to space you can hardly be …
ISS is probably one of the only places where you can actually smell the space. A former ISS astronaut has described how a “metallic ionization type of odor” occurs in the area between the station and docking  cartons.

010Tiring for the body to stay in weightlessness …
Because the human body tends to lose muscle and bone mass in environments like weightlessness , all astronauts aboard the international space station must train at least two hours a day to maintain normal “ground-based” bodily health .

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