Here’s 10 Ways to Accelerate Wi-Fi Internet Connection

Wi-Fi Internet connection: Internet Age has even become a part of life that gac can be separated from the whole of human life, from young children to adults all now addicted to the Internet, the Internet has become imperative to always be there, some people may feel empty if he is not linked to the outside world through the Internet, Often people often say “Ah! No internet QAC could die ya my style “. Dead style there of course the intention is not to do anything or not can be creative or in other words, he will feel very bored, bored, or it could be indeed real die style because now a lot of people who like style by photographing himself “selfie “or with friends and upload to social media. The sentence was clearly describe to us all that so the importance of the Internet for someone today.

There are so many ways to Wi-Fi Internet connection, some people who use a wired connection, some are using a wireless connection, or Wi-Fi as many of us encounter in cafes or even now already widely used by everyone dirumahnnya.

Here’s 10 Ways to Accelerate Wi-Fi Internet Connection

WiFi wireless connections that bad of course, can make people feel very depressed and uncomfortable. Especially when the internet has become part of everyday life, ranging from entertainment to the issue of jobs.

But my friend can not panic if Wi-Fi Internet connection at home buddy suddenly blocked. The first step you should do pal do is to check the router that my friend use. Because, starting from a position to the router settings is very strong effect on whether or not Wi-Fi Internet connection. When checking the router buddy, sure buddy try these 10 simple steps to speed Wi-Fi internet connection pal.

1. Check the position of the router

By checking the position of the router may seem trivial, but the effect can be greater if the buddy mengabaikannnya. Because Router works transmit signals in all directions. Therefore, you should position the router at the center of the room.

Wi-Fi Internet connection

When my friend meetakkan router next to a window, then no signal is sent to the router outside. This will create a Wi-Fi Internet connection Buddy futile and does not reach all parts of the room.

2. Do not put on the floor

Do not put the router on the floor, but place it put the router in a high place, for example a table or cupboard. With higher positions will of course be advantageous pal because the router is designed to send a signal to the bottom. Apart from that, because the floor containing cement, concrete and metal that is very difficult to be penetrated by the Wi-Fi Internet connection. if my friend did this trick at home wifi network will be fast friend, and my friend will feel safe if the surf is doing activities at home.

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3. Place the router in a special place

By putting in place a special course router WiFi signal would be reflected more strongly in the room mate. On that basis, we recommend buddy putting the router in the room that often occupy buddy when using Wi-Fi Internet connection.

4. Select the open

There is so much material that can absorb the signal router and certainly can reduce the performance of Wi-Fi Internet connection Buddy. To keep performance remains good wifi signal and optimally, should my friend does not put the router in between the large-sized furniture. Try my friend chose the crush-free position and make the router can be seen from any direction.

5. Keep away from other electronic

Wi-Fi Internet connection

Keep the router buddy of any other electronic devices, such as TVs, microwaves and cordless phones. Any device that generates an electromagnetic signal could disrupt and weaken the Wi-Fi Internet connection Soabat.

6. Adjust the antenna to stand

Try buddy set up with a good antenna router that is in the vertical position. This position will make Wi-Fi Internet connection pal radiated horizontally so that the WiFi signal pal easier to reach all parts of the room.

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7. Check the signal strength

There are a variety of applications, such as Cloud check or Amped to my friend use for this purpose. When checking signal pal, my friend can map out which part is receiving the strongest signal and which parts are receiving a weak signal.

8. Set the software router

Buddy also can speed up the connection Wi-Fi Internet connection by entering certain settings in the router software. Access to this software can soabat goes through a special IP. Buddy can check out the bottom of the router or the instructions supplied in the crib.

After my friend go into the settings menu, try changing the channel frequency router. Usually there are 14 channels that we can choose. It is generally best Channel 1, 6, and 11. The channel also tends to be very minimal disruption because it is rarely in contact with the channel being used by others.

In addition to the channel settings, pal can also check for firmware updates. Usually the router makers will issue a firmware update to improve the performance of the device.

9. Do a speed test

By doing a speed test to find out where the problems connected Wi-Fi Internet pal. The first thing my friend tried to do it with a WiFi connection, and then do the same thing by using a cable connection. If both are equally bad, automatic problem exists on the internet service provider Buddy.

10. Buy a new router

Even though you say that this is not a solution for me include workable solutions to the Wi-Fi Internet Connection my friend, because this is a last resort when all else we do in vain. If all is my friend and has been trying to make sure the problem does not come from the service provider Wi-Fi Internet connection then buy a new router. I am very confident about the problems of Wi-Fi Internet connection will definitely be completed.

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