10 World’s Largest and Best Iron and Steel Company by 2016

Iron and steel can actually be a promising industry. Even this sector is already among the largest in the world business world.

Some of the company’s name continues to appear, from the small until the already large-scale. But this business can not be separated from the exposure of exams. Moreover global market conditions are in crisis.

This industry helps the sustainability of other industries. Say in the field of manufacturing, construction, transportation, etc. The point iron and steel are always needed in many productions. The more the economy grows, the higher the consumption of these steel and iron-based products.

So what are the world-famous iron or steel companies or factories? Jom !


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Samuel Siegel and Ransom E Olds founded this American company in 1905. They are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. There are at least 3 major segments that they operate. Namely iron factories, iron products, and raw materials.

The first segment presents and distributes steel plates, sheet steel, structural steel, etc. The second presents steel beams, metal-based building materials, wire products, etc. While the last segment to produce metal with iron or non-iron content of brokers.

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In 2015, actually their total sales decreased. However, the improvement is shown by several other business groups. Whether it’s a structural steel business, a bar, and a steel product division. They continue to struggle amid the harsh market conditions as wellTight competition.

9. Kobe Steel (KOBELCO)

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The company, based in Kobe, Japan , has been in operation since 1905. They focus on being factories, manufacturers and sellers of specialty products of iron or steel. Its large name and strategic position make it easier for them to climb exports and imports of iron ore and coal.

One of its business segments is iron and steel. They provide titanium, sheet steel, ore products, steel wire rods, etc. Like previous companies, their assets also tend to fall. However, deposit and cash have increased.

8. Hyundai Steel Company

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In 1953, this Korean company stood up. The center is in Incheon and Seoul. They became the first steel producer that was born by Hyundai company KIA Motor Group. They have several major operating operating segments that continue to operate, as well as special steel businesses.

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Slowly but surely, the company is crawling and reaching the global marketplace. That means they are also carried away by the impact of world economic crisis. Whether it’s related to rising interest rates in the US, the rise and fall of oil prices, Japanese abenomics policies , etc. The company also continues to improve the quality of operations and more able to be competitive or innovative again. The strategy is proven to maintain its existence in Korea or the international arena.

7. TATA Steel

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JRD TATA founded this company in 1907 in Jamshedpur. But now its headquarters is in Mumbai, India. While manufacturing operators spread in 26 countries. Call it Thailand, China, Singapore, Netherlands, America, and so on. The number of acquisitions and investments they have become TATA Steel is one of the largest and most influential steel companies.

Their operations in the UK have been discontinued in April 2016 yesterday. But their products have reached about 50 other countries. They provide steel sheets, coils, bars, etc. Although disturbed by various issues and the presence of the competitors, but they still reign in terms of production and sales.

6. Baoshan Iron & Steel (Baosteel)

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The company known as Baosteel began inaugurated on February 3, 2000. The center is in Shanghai, China. They immediately became one of the most prominent in China. In general, they have 3 main segments. There are manufacturing of beji and steel, the sale of its products, as well as other businesses such as financial, information services, and chemicals.

Changes in market conditions and the ongoing competition do not stop the company’s move. They continue to make industrial arrangements, optimize costs, make innovations, improve services, etc. Unmitigated, they also intensively conduct research and development of various other materials. For example titanium, magnesium, aluminum, etc. Based on the data, they are so glorious producing 5.6 million tons of steel, 5.4 million tons of iron, and 5.2 million tons of steel products.

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