12 Best Sniper Movies in the World of All Time

People’s appetite for movies is relative . There are spectators who are very satisfied with the sound of bombs or firearms, then see the victim fall in lying. So he is also likely to target actionfilms or warfare.

Some want to see more than that. The audience wants action accompanied by a tactic or strategy. They also chose oriented on Sniper-themed movies.

12 Best Sniper Movies in the World of All Time

Well here are 12 latest or classic Sniper movies are the most exciting and best. Jom !

1. Phone Booth (2002)

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His main star, Collin Farrel, appeared as Stu Shephard. He is an artist orbiter whose life will be boosted along with the popularity of the artist he orbits. She’s actually been living happily with his wife, Kelly, who is beautiful and charming. But Stu did not know himself, and tempted to cheat with a candidate named Pam artist. One way to keep the relationship dark is to make a call using public phone services. But one day,His life seemed terrorized when he received a mysterious call stating that Stu’s secret is known to all. The threat of direct firing on the spot is also one of the terrible factors in it.

2. Sniper (1993)

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The film already has many series, following the success of the initial stories. Her own story about Sergeant Thomas Beckett. He is so skilled at using weapons, so it can be a sniper or sniper as well. On a mission, he works with Miller, who is a member of the SWAT team. But both are opposite.

3. Jack Reacher (2013)

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The main character name is used as the title of the movie. The story itself is adapted from the novel “One Shot” by Jim Grant aka Lee Child. Jack Reacher himself is a former military army provost. He himself was used to wandering and barely left a trail. He briefly dealt with James Barr, a man who was later accused of five death cases for the shootings. Helen who became a lawyer for James Barr then asked for help to handle the case and prove that his client is innocent. Helen was also at the same time taking a stark contrast to her father who was a prosecutor. The problem seems to be more complex than expected. Full of puzzles.

4. Saving Private Ryan (1998)

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If not qualified, this film certainly will not win five Oscars. Even the director, Steven Spielberg, won the title as the best director. The film itself is set in such a way that invites us back to the time of World War II . In those days, Ryan’s three brothers were killed on the battlefield. Ryan is still during the then sought by a special team leader Captain John Miller.

5. Shooter (2007)

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Having the ability as a sniper can be a boon, can also turn into a disaster. That’s what happened to Bob Lee Swagger and Donnie Fenn. The two friends have apparently become “sacrifices” in a homicide mission in Ethiopia. Donnie was killed, while Bob survived and chose to pull over from the world of gunfire. Until then, Colonel Isaac Johnson came and asked Bob for help. The reason, the US President will visit several places. Bob is tasked with analyzing the potential dangers. Apparently the shootings did happen, but the death of an Ethiopian archbishop. Knowing this, the colonel ordered his men to finish off Bob. The story gets complicated because Bob is accused of having threatened the president’s life, and killed the Bishop.

6. Black Hawk Down (2001)

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This film tells the United States mission to attack Mogadishu City, Somalia. They are targeting Muhammad Farah Aidid who led Habr Gidr. Preparation is done. Even the Americans are so optimistic that their mission can be smoothly and quickly completed. However, once in the field, expectations do not match the expectations. Their mission is far more difficult than expected. Many American helicopters crash on missiles, and the defenses that must be breached are very strong.

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The world of the army is identical with the defense or defense of the state, and the resistance against the enemy. But the film lifts the other side of the American soldiers who miss out on a job in an area in the Middle East. It is Anthony Swofford, one of the many soldiers interviewed regarding his testimony. He recounted how the various trainings were undertaken under the discipline of Sergeant Sykes discipline, rigorous, and idealistic. But once they arrive at their destination, they are the guardians of the oil fields owned by a Saudi family. His daily activities were far from the shadow. To the extent that it indirectly prints a low morality in the souls of soldiers.

8. Clear and Present Danger (1994)

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The action scene in this movie is very exciting . The main cast, Jack Ryan, automatically promoted to the Deputy Head of the CIA who moved in the intelligence division after the original leadership fell ill. The film’s own story begins when a friend of the US President is killed. The number one man in America decided to sound a drum war with illegal drug traffickers. Strong assumptions do lead to them. Hidden military operations were carried out under the command of John Clark. Political conflict and conspiracy make this film more exciting.

9. Lethal Weapon (1987)

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This classic film features the main characters named Rigs and Morthaugh. Both are police officers who become partners, in addition to differences in age and attitudes are quite obvious. If Rigs is a frivolous, arrogant, and unruly man, then Morthaugh becomes a wiser figure. One of the missions that became the core of the story of the film was an attempt to capture a drug dealer. The forbidden operation apparently involved war veterans.

10. The Jackal (1997)

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Terek Murad became a Russian mafia figure whose name was so famous. Imagine, he can master the entire network of criminals operating in his country. Although a villain, but his instinct as a relative moved when his brother was killed by members of the FBI. Revenge Terek was inevitable. He deliberately used the mercenary service called The Jackal. The credibility of the assassin has no doubt. His work is always neat. On the other hand, FBI members who became his target is also very sensitive. They tried to find detailed data about the figure of The Jackal.

11. Lone Survivor (2013)

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The story of this film is adapted from the tru story in a US military operation in Afghanistan. At that time, they had a mission to capture a Taliban commander named Ahmad Shah. The surviving witness named Marcus Ruttrell, played by Mark Wahlberg, pours his experience into a book titled “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and The Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10”. He told how the operation took place, including crucial moments when he almost lost his life. Whether it’s almost sentenced to be beheaded, or even in a shoot-out.

12.  Enemy At The Gates (2001)

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The next film also took time in the era of World War II. The village of Stalingard, Russia, also can not be separated from the target of war. However, the place does not have the same understanding of the Nazis and must be crushed. But the inhabitants do not remain silent. At first they were shriveled, but the sniper figure named Vassili Zatsev continues to burn the motivation of his brothers one village. He insisted that being killed in the battlefield for defending the land of birth was more noble than surviving and suffering from colonialism.

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