5 Disadvantages Nokia 3310 New Need to Know

In the early 2000s, mobile phones have been priced at a fairly expensive. And after 17 years on, the Nokia 3310 which is regarded as this legendary phone re-released by Nokia in the form of a new and more trendy. Nokia wants to greet returning fans of classic mobile phone that has sold as many as 126 million units worldwide. And last February, Nokia 3310 officially released a new version in Barcelona.

5 Disadvantages Nokia 3310 New Need to Know

In the midst of the world of smartphones today, the Nokia 3310 still carry grip as regular cell phones alias feature phone whose main function is simply to call and send messages. Is this kind of cell phone could still exist in the 2017’s? Before you went along to buy, consider the following five Nokia 3310 this shortage.

1. Physical Keyboard

Generation smart phones may have forgotten the physical keyboard aka old school keyboard is pressed many times just to type a single letter or number. Although the keyboard of this kind still exist in the form of a smartphone app, on the Nokia 3310 keyboard is present in the form of physical buttons is typical.

If you are accustomed to using the touch QWERTY keyboard, the Nokia 3310 mobile phone is definitely not what you want.

Nokia 3310

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2. 2MP Camera

A few years ago may already be considered a 2MP camera ‘wow,’ but now 2MP camera already considered outdated and not good for photography or selfie. In the midst of 8MP to 13MP camera, 2MP camera obviously much outdated.

3. 2G

Governments and the providers of mobile data is now 4G LTE promote fast internet to increase surfing speed, but the Nokia 3310 instead still rely on slow 2G connectivity, and this technology will soon be abandoned.

4. Interface complicated

The Nokia 3310 is a basic phone without a touchscreen, but the display interfaces like smartphones. As a result, users will be trouble for sliding the screen such as when scrolling on touch screen phones. The interface is simple and clean look, but its use passable complicated and does not support multitasking.

5. The price is expensive

For the size of standard mobile phones that do not include advanced features typical smartphone, the Nokia 3310 is very expensive.

The price on the market currently priced around 700 thousand, whereas with this amount of money you can buy a 4G smartphone that has advanced with a high resolution camera. Still interested in 3310?

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