5 Latest Most Bizarre and Unique Android Apps

Smartphone with system Operating Android is a smartphone that is pretty much in demand by today’s society. The reason why the android apps is preferred by everyone because the operating system is compatible to run a wide variety of applications and application of social media a kind of fuel, line, facebook, kako talk, twitter, whatsapp and others. Sure, android application was synonymous with his name and also gaming applications, most people buy Hp android primary purpose is to want to get a wide range of applications cool and unique as well as a wide range of best android games which can easily be downloaded via PlayStore.

5 Latest Most Bizarre and Unique Android Apps

In Indonesia alone enthusiasts growing android smartphone devices compared with those enthusiasts windows phone 8, because we feel its android device yourself more fully, there presents a variety of cool Android Apps and unique compared to windows phone. Well for my friend who is now frantically looking for cool and unique Android Apps for android devices pal, here are a few applications that can mate try:

1. Whiten Your Teeth Android Applications Latest Most Bizarre and Unique

What my friend did on my friend teeth every day to maintain and take care of him? A very precise answer if my friend brushed with toothpaste or gargling with mouthwash fluid. Besides being able to maintain the health of my friend, also keeps the teeth stay clean and white instead!. But if my friend wants a more bizarre friend can use the application whiten Your Teeth. This one application is claimed will help whiten teeth gradually pal. Probably very unreasonable and can not be trusted with this sort of thing is not it?

Developers by revealing that Whiten Your Teeth utilizes electromagnetic waves to whiten teeth. How to use it is to start the application, then when the smartphone screen pal changed to white display, immediately open the mouth to the teeth perfect mate again if the night is done.

2. Yo Android Applications Latest Most Bizarre and Unique

One more A strange and unique application Android Apps very useful is the app Yo. Whether there was any intent developers create applications this strange and unique. Yo indeed only have one function to send a short message with the word “Yo” only to users of Android mobile devices that have been integrated. Strange and unique is not it? Which makes this application more terrible Yo Yo turned out to have a lot of users, to reach 1 million users know? Reportedly the party android application developers create only a few hours. Why many users of Android applications using these useless applications? My friend can try:

3. Solar Charger Android Applications Latest Most Bizarre and Unique

Solar Charger is also an Android application Latest Most Bizarre and Unique. This application provides battery power charging facilities for users of smartphones. Solar Charger reportedly utilize a phone’s light sensor to charge the battery of our smartphone. With a few minutes we entrust directly under the hot sun, then soabat will see the battery level increased at android smartphone pal.

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Unfortunately Android Application Solar Charger into the category of entertainment on the Play Store so this application sungguhannya just a mere joke. That is why the strange and unique android app has been criticized by the order to each person being perceived as a mock application and smartphone technology is today also does not have the facility of charging using solar energy. Strange and unique android app is available on the Play Store for free:

4. Ants in Phone Applications Android Latest Most Bizarre and Unique

Ants in Phone is also an android application Latest Most Bizarre and Unique, applications that i ni is not clear function, but is widely used by Android users, namely Ants in Phone. If my friend uses this application, the smartphone will look buddy there were ants running and basically not genuine but merely animated ants. But exactly the same shape as the original ant so it is quite disturbing for the users.

Android Apps

So unique Android applications Ants in Phoneini not useful at all, but decent enough as an entertainment for us all because it sounded very unique and strange. Aplkasi Ants in Phone you can download in the Play Store:

5. Anti-Mosquito Sonic Repellent Android Applications Latest Most Bizarre and Unique

Lastly there is the latest android app strange and unique; the application of Anti Mosquito Sonic Repellent, this application is an application Drug mosquito repellent. The most common to repel nymuk typically contain active ingredients such as Citronella, DEET, or D-Allethrin. The content of cukupt powerful repels mosquitoes because he be toxic. Well, what if an android app can repel mosquitoes as well as insect repellent on the market today? Strange and almost unbelievable not!. But my friend had to try, namely with a unique and exciting applications Anti Mosquito Sonic Repellent this one.

This application does not emit harmful materials bleak toxic repellent of our andrid phones, but use with ultrasonic sound heard by mosquitoes. According to the study of mosquitoes is highly sensitive listening trending frequency sound so that this application is provided with the option sound frequency of 20 KHz, 16 KHz, 22 KHz, 26 KHz, up to 12 KHz. my friend does not need to be bothered with the pungent smell of smoke or conventional mosquito repellents when they are utilizing apliksi Android Anti Mosquito App. Download the Play Store:

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