This 5 Myths About Credit Card Misleading

Shopping with a credit card now more and more done by the urban. Naturally, because this one more card offers convenience and attractive promotions that are difficult to be rejected. Although much sought after, but many still consider a credit card as a taboo.

No doubt, there are many problems associated with the credit card. Among these, the most frequently fuss is sovereign debt.

This 5 Myths About Credit Card Misleading

Whereas chasm of debt can be created anywhere, not just from a credit card only. In addition, the case debt is actually more closely related to the individual character of the pengutang.Seseorang who has the responsibility and financial discipline will be safe from a debt trap even take credit (mortgage) hundreds of millions of rupiah.

However, for people who often careless, debt of Rp 1 million alone could grow into the tens of millions.
So, do not take the credit card myths. As reported by , this five answers to that still believe the myth of a credit card.

1. The credit card trap 

Credit cards have rules. If you carefully, certainly fine. For example, say a credit card interest offspring. Indeed, credit card interest is calculated based on the number of unpaid bills. If procrastinating pay bills continue, yes fair if interest suffocating.

Likewise, if you always pay the minimum monthly bill. Without realizing it, we are digging their own grave. If unable to pay the full bill within a month, the following month immediately pay off when the bill would not swell.

2. Credit cards makes impulsive
Impulsive not about the cards, but the person. Indeed, many credit card promo, but must be seen to our needs. If the desires of the, obviously there will be no end.

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Every time there is a program offered by the credit card belongs to us, first look at the financial plan. What is still safe if we are spending these items?

When you do not have a financial plan, it is more dangerous. We recommend that every credit card owner has a financial plan in order to spend awake.

3. The credit card is a card debts
This myth is also wrong. Credit cards are a means of transaction. Same function just like a debit card. Surely you would often pay for groceries with cash card, is not it?

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To pay for the plane ticket, for example. We can use a debit or credit card. With certain credit cards, we even can get more benefits for travel .

The difference is that we are obliged to pay at a later date if you use a credit card, not directly taken from the account. So this card to have exclusive responsibility.

4. It’s hard to make a credit card

Seen ‘terms of credit cards that were targeted. Each credit card has a condition that must be met, for example about the minimum salary. If the salary of Rp 5 million but the credit card minimum income requirement of Rp 10 million, obviously only if your credit card application rejected.

Therefore, carefully used the terms before submitting. If all conditions are met, the bank will definitely fulfill our request to have a credit card.

5. Make a credit card must have a steady job

Not really. Workers freelance can. But generally there is a bank asks requirement accounts at the bank for a nominal amount. You only need to contact the bank where you save up to inquire about whether or not to have a credit card from them when we are not working anyway. It could also be looking for in the financial product comparison sites to apply online.

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