5 Ways to Keeping Smartphone Battery Durability

No society today who do not use smartphones. Even small children are now all experts in using this technology. Often used, battery smartphone will definitely be quickly exhausted. It’s different when you first purchase where smartphone battery can hold up long enough. How so smartphone battery can last longer? Check out 10 how below.

5 Ways to Keeping Smartphone Battery Durability

1. Turn off Vibrate Mode

Smartphone Battery Durability

All smartphone certainly has the name of a vibration mode or vibrate mode. Vibrate mode is what helps us when there is an incoming call but no sound is heard. With the vibrate mode, although we were in the crowd, we can still feel the vibe that there is an incoming call.

Indeed, vibrate mode is very useful as a sign of an incoming call, but if you want a smartphone battery can last longer, it’s better this mode is turned off when not needed. Behind its usefulness, vibrate mode is enough to absorb a lot of energy from the battery.

2. Turn off Unused Applications

Smartphone Battery Durability

You’ll often let the application that you have open to keep it running. Take for example, just like apps on facebook, twitter, instagram or path. By not completely shut down the application, the smartphone will continue to provide notification when there is a new message or a mention.

Did not close the application after use so allow us to get new messages from friends or family, but keep the application running as it could drain the smartphone battery. You need to realize that you do not just run smartphone apps like facebook and friends only. There are systems that continue to run even if you do not know. So try to shut down applications that are already finished are used to conserve battery power.

3. Note Signals

Never do not you feel your smartphone battery is quickly depleted when in a parking lot or other enclosed space? That is because for the battery to work extra hard to find a stable signal. In contrast, if you are in the open space where the signal can be easily captured by a smartphone.

If you want a smartphone battery last longer, do not be too long in a closed room. If forced, just turn off the signal that the smartphone battery saving. Or you can also reduce your connection from 3G to 2G that batteries are quickly depleted.

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4. Update Application

Smartphone Battery Durability

Use many apps on smartphones certainly have to be prepared well with the name of the update.You’ll often annoyed because the updatean have size large or you are not using wifi so can not update the application.

You can be just annoyed, but it is updated applications that could actually help reduce battery use smartphones. A previous version of the application might suck a lot of battery power or a bug that causes the batteries run out quickly. Therefore, do not direct the emotions of updates application or even the latest system updates.

5. Remove Widget

Existence widget was created to help us to see the latest information. Usually people will put the weather forecast widget, clock, exchange rates, alarm, or even the latest news. Too many widgets are installed instead of helping even be troublesome tablets.

To keep the battery in order not to run out quickly, it is better not to use excessive widget. Excessive Widget so that it fills the screen can spend on battery power. Use widgets are really necessary.

6. Turn on Battery Saving Mode (Power Safer)

Never lazy to use power-saving mode betarai or safer. This mode can actually save the battery power of smartphones. You do not want it when you’re busy using smartphones, eh even die suddenly?

When the battery is dying, activate the battery saving mode. All smartphones are now equipped with nice features, whether it android or iPhone. When the battery saving mode is turned on, the smartphone will automatically turn off some useless systems that consume a lot of energy.

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