6 Most Expensive Smartphone in the World Current

Questions like this can bring a variety of answers. However most certainly lead to the specification of the phone itself. There is a very expensive RAM size, processor capacity, the quality of front-rear camera, support for data connections, internal-external memory, etc. But today, who says the smartphone is only a hiccup in the case specs? There are several things that can affect the price and class of this gadget. For example, the material of mobile phones, a special touch of a designer, or indeed additional features that cannot be found in smartphones layman.

6 Most Expensive Smartphone in the World Current

Here is 6 Most Expensive Smartphone in the World Current

1. Goldvish Eclipse (starting price of $ 7,668 or±Rp102.000.000,00.)

This latest edition smartphone release in May 2016 last month. High value and handmade objects made from exotic skins. Its skeleton was made of precious metals. Screen touchscreen 5.5 inch comes with a scratch-resistant, has the android operating system and Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

For those who like berpoto, GoldVish Eclipse has a primary camera sized 13MP with 6 lenses. The benefit allows the camera to avoid color aberration and distortion. Sized 5MP front camera is also guaranteed free of distortion.

2. Vertu Signature Touch for Bentley (the starting price of $ 9,000 or±Rp120.000.000,00.)

For those who’ve been waiting, they finally get to see the work for 5 years. Collaboration between manufacturers of smartphones, this is packaged in such a way that the result is mature. The products they offer the smallest set worth $ 9,000, and the most expensive can reach $ 19,000 or equivalent to Rp.253.000.000,00.

If the opportunity buys it, we can choose one of eight color choices. We were also given 16 options stitching which will be adapted to the Expensive Smartphone. High-value objects is also equipped with Bentley applications, so that we continue to have access to exclusive content related event or.

For the specification itself, the phone is equipped with 4GB of RAM, 810 Snapdragon processor, 64GB of internal storage, and may additionally include 128GB via microSD card. Size 21MP rear camera and the front of 2,1MP.

3. Sirin Solarin Crystal (the starting price of $ 14,000 or±Rp187.000.000,00.)

Manufacturers of migrants from Israel, Sirin Labs, direct offers android phone luxury and expensive . They renamed it as smartphone Solarin, who was also dubbed the “Rolls Royce”. Solarin his own company claims that this is the safest in the world android. The reason, the company guarantees to protect messages and calls the user Solarin.

Expensive Smartphone

Smartphone itself has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 2GHz. The manufacturer claims that this Solarin has Wi-Fi connectivity are super superior. As for looks, we can pick four colors. No fire carbon black leather with diamond-like carbon,  fire black carbon leather with titanium, carbon leather with white crystal diamond-like carbon , and fire carbon black leather with yellow gold.

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4. Gresso Regal Gold (the starting price of $ 6,000 or±Rp80.000.000,00.)

Expensive Smartphone

Gresso Regal Regal Gold is the latest series presented. His name itself inspired from the casing- his gold layer made of titanium. With the android operating system, the smartphone has a quad-core 1.5 GHz. Glassnya screen with Gorilla can be used to capture the moment with the size of a 13MP rear camera, and the back of 5MP. This smartphone has 2GB RAM and a storage capacity of 32GB.

5. Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri (the starting price of $ 5,250 or±Rp70.000.000,00.)

From the name alone, we already knew that the one thing that will drain the wallet. Luxury car manufacturer , Lamborghini, presents a mobile phone with premium raw materials. Call it nine colors vary from calfskin, and the gold plate silver original.

Expensive Smartphone

The screen was touted to be scratch-resistant and shatterproof. Imagine, the materials used are the same as what is attached to their cars. This Android smartphone has a quad-core 2.3GHz processor, 3GB of RAM, as well as front-rear camera of 20MP and 8MP.

6. Mobiado Grand Touch Marble EM (the starting price of $ 3,100 or±Rp42.000.000,00.)

Expensive Smartphone

The materials involved are quite special. There are choices of burl, ebony, cocobolo, and granite. Screen touch screen with 16 million colors is equipped with a camera along with LED flash 5MP size, 1G RAM, and 16GB of internal storage space. Connectivity options itself can be GPRS, Wi-Fi, EDGE, Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP, and also miscroUSB v2.0 port.

Are you among those who are willing to spend more for business smartphones more sophisticated, lux, Nan stylish?

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