7 Most Interesting Facts of Mobile Legendary Nokia 3310

7 Most Interesting Facts of Mobile Legendary Nokia 3310

2017 marks the revival of the legendary world perponselan, Nokia 3310 . GSM mobile phone which was released in 2000 ago this was one of the most iconic handset is owned by Nokia.

Nokia 3310 has an extensive worldwide fans for the amazing durability. After 17 years on, the mobile phone is revived by Nokia with a slightly new look, but it still can not erase the wonderful memory of loyal users 3310.

Nokia 3310

A unique facts Nokia 3310?

1. The Nokia 3310 is known to have many features that are quite rare in his day, such as calculator, stopwatch, reminder, and so forth.

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2. Among the four games in this phone, Snake II is the most popular. This game series has been popular in Nokia handsets since the late 90s.

3. In the SMS lovers, the Nokia 3310 so loved for her ability to write text three times longer than most HP in generation, that is 459 characters.

4. Nokia 3310 is claimed to be durable and fire. Many people refer to it as ‘brick phone’ because of its extraordinary strength of it.

5. Reputation Nokia 3310 on the Internet is huge. In addition to being a ‘major character’ various memes funny overestimate its strength, a lot of video that purports to test the durability of this phone. In these videos, the Nokia 3310 was dropped from a great height or beset by hard objects, and many times it turns monochrome phones can last!

6. Sales of the Nokia 3310 was discontinued in 2005 with record sales reached 126 million units worldwide.

7. In a report by The Sun , a man from Yorkshire, England, reported that he bought the Nokia 3310 in 2000 and has been used for 17 years without ever changing phone. According to him, his 3310 is very powerful even though it was fall and flooded many times.

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