This Android game Motivate You to Keep Fighting

At the end of time is actually more adults Hobby Playing Game than a small child. Android game is not just for entertainment only, because in the game Develop a buddy can obtain a motivation. how the game gives motivation to us all?  Through the game we can learn when to get success buddy should be able to fight the whole body and soul mate, run the trick, or in applying the strategy of the game character that has been provided. although not all the games that teach buddy to struggle to gain an advantage, because at the core of essentially created permainain this is an entertainment and to spend leisure time pal.

This Android Game Motivate You to Keep Fighting

Motivation can be obtained from any dude, does not have to come to a seminar with a renowned motivator speaker. Motivation also we can get from a game / games on smartphone devices that often we play pal. Through the game we often continue to learn that in order to obtain success motomatis we must fight tooth and nail, doing tricks and strategies even risking their lives through the characters that we mainnkan game. However not all the games that taught my friend to fight to get the result or benefit for us.

Here we will be posting some titles Android game application that can motivate us to Keep Striving for success Let’s Hear more:

1. Farm Frenzy Series Game Motivation

Android Game Motivational Us to Keep Fighting Game Farm Frenzy is the first time the game is already present in some series. On Google Play Farm Frenzy 3 is the latest version to the previous version despite the genre and still have the same gameplay. Farm Frenzy series is a life simulation game in which buddies will raise and cultivate the fields.

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At the beginning of the game buddies will get a few head of cattle to maintain my friend, like chicken, beef, and so forth. Unique to the game Farm Frenzy is trying to simulate how a buddy build farms and fields and nice. Farm Frenzy demanding friend to be able to do the management of livestock for agricultural production into goods more useful and has a high economic value.

Each of livestock and fields can mate sell and then my friend can buy a variety of other items such as tractors, trucks, and even build a storage shed livestock and fields. Soabat can not only relax, but also must take care of the animals and fields.

Characters in this game should draw water for us to drink, take the eggs from poultry, to prevent wild animals that try to prey on each animal, and bring the results to the buyer. Although it seems trivial and simple, this is where we actually get to see and learn how a struggle and effort we needed to make a profit.

2. Restaurant Story Game Motivation

Android games to 2 that can motivate us to keep fighting is the game Restaurant Story. In this game the user acts as a business owner Restaurant that must be run wisely and well. This game is not much different from the reality. Buddy had to build a restaurant business in such a way so that later many customers will come.

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Buddy creativity is needed for decorating and design specified by the friend himself. There will be plenty of items that have been provided for the decor like television, unique table, billiard table, indoor pool and so forth. Do not forget also pal serve menus to customers there, and make sure customers are satisfied buddy restaurant. Each of the buyers who come in and order, then the friend will earn points as money. Here my friend learned that creativity and innovation it can affect business success pal.

3. City Island series Game Motivation

Game City Island is often associated with the game Sims City because of genres and gameplay types are both exactly the same. Then there is nothing in City Island? It turned out that my friend here will be prosecuted as an authority in a developing city.

Soabat role as a business property because the task is to build and design a city. Yes, help citizens to be able to build the ideal house, build public facilities such as paved roads, highways, railways with rail lines, towers, schools, parks and so forth. Make islands that were once much of the progress in order to become a metropolitan city.

Android game

If my friend is successful, then the friend can collect profits from commercial buildings that have been built earlier. In this game could benefit in the form of money or gold. Of course the game is more like the work of a property businessman who dared to try to build a city as an investment.

4. My Car Salon Game Motivation

Android Game passable unique and can provide motivating Friend is My Car Salon game. Here the main character of the game acting as a mechanic or car mechanic ready for servicing and repairing customer cars. Make sure Buddies provide appropriate service and tune-up the right to be able to benefit from this work.

Pal role here as a leader with mengaturi some mechanics. When the profits obtained, Buddy can do an upgrade to add workers, or mechanical and upgrade tools to make them work faster. This game teaches mate to be more careful in work, managing the company and to make the expenses for things that are important.

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