Android Oreo vs. Android Nougat: Here’s the Difference!

Android Oreo Vs Android Nougat : Here’s the Difference

As is known, Google finally officially announced the name for Android version 8.0 on August 21, 2017 and then in New York, America. Oreo in the end is really chosen so the name of the operating system of the Nougat Android successor.

Reportedly hell, Android Oreo version 8.0 is indeed a lot really bring change. Starting from a number of new features previously not presented in Android Nougat until the interface changes. Well, quoted from PhoneArena, the following will be presented some differences between the interface display between Android Oreo with Android Nougat. Try to find out, is there really a changed look or not at all?

1. Home Screen Display.

In view there is not a significant change between Homescreen that supports Android Nougat and Android Oreo. But if observed again, the icons on the screen Homescreen using Android Oreo claimed to be more simple and efficient but still thick thanks to Adaptive Icon presented by Google on Android version 8.0.

2. Display pop-up Notifications.

There is a significant change in the appearance of the pop-up notification interface . If in Android Nougat background pop-up notifications are black with white font color, then it’s all changed in Android Oreo. Android version 8.0 is reportedly bringing white color as background color pop-up notifications with black as the color of the letters.

The Settings menu position and the usual date at the top of the notification pop-up are now changed to the bottom. Do you think this view change is more kece or not?

3. App Drawer Views.

Furthermore, App Drawer display alias display of all applications installed on the smartphone will experience a little change. Compared to the display on Android Nougat ago, App Drawer display on Android Oreo claimed to be more crowded. You see, there will be some new applications from Google are presented in conjunction with Android Oreo update. The rest is, the same!

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