Awards First Bus has been Operating in the United States

Sleeping on the bus does not sound glamorous, but the hotel is based in California cabins is able to change the stigma. Starting from the star up Cabin, young Americans juggle bus into a luxury hotel with various facilities.

Awards First Bus has been Operating in the United States

Inspired by the romance of classic 20th century about the passengers who sleep in one city and wake up already in other places, hotel bus is equipped with a bed of foam, leather upholstery, and high-quality services more, which is able to provide comfort to sleep while in hotel ,

Tom Currier, CEO Cabin, as quoted by CNN Travel , Tuesday (04/07/2017) says, “This is an experience similar to teleportation, you fall asleep and wake up in a new place.”

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Even more surprising, futuristic elements and comfort the hotel was made similar to what is on the hotel class Ritz Carlton. Tom admits his hotel feature points not on the speed of the move, but the travel experience and appeal.

The driver will be driving with a slow and smooth to ensure guests can sleep soundly. Even the driver can determine the level of subtlety when he was driving through the application, “said Tom.

Currently new Hotel Cabin opened the route between San Francisco and Santa Monica, with a travel time of about eight hours. This route is considered suitable for passengers who want to sleep well and woke up already reached the destination.

It seems that this innovative hotel would be the hotel the future for many people who are fed up with the tragedy of the plane crash.

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