Brief Explanation about Computer Technology

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Brief Explanation about Computer Technology

Computer consists of two parts:
  • Processors, or CPUs as a data processing unit
  • RAM memory, data storage temporary
  • Hard drives, semi-permanent data storage media
  • An input device, the media used to input data to be processed by the CPU, such as a mouse, keyboard, and tablet
  • The output device, the media used to display the output of the CPU processing, such as monitors, headsets, speakers, plotters, projectors, and printers

  • Operating system

The basic program on a computer that connects users with computer hardware. The operating system used is Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. The task of operating systems including (but not only) regulates the execution of programs on it, the coordination of input, output, memory, processing, and software installation.

  • Computer program

An additional application installed in accordance with the operating system

Summary About Computer Technology
Computers are also a series or group of electronic machines consisting of thousands and even millions of components that can work together and form a working system that is neatly and accurately. This system can then be used to carry out a series of jobs automatically, based on the sequence of instructions or program given to him.
That definition gives the meaning that the computer has more than one part to each other part to cooperate, and that parts could only work if there is electricity flowing in it. The term of a group of machines, or anything that involves millions of components known as computer hardware or computer hardware.
Computer hardware can also be translated as an instrument of its own physical computer. The equipment is held can be seen, physical, or transferred.
In this case, the computer may not work without the program that has been put into it. This program could be a lawyer-operasian procedure of the computer itself or various procedures in terms of data processing that was previously set. And it is this program then referred to as computer software or computer software.
In the broadest sense, the computer software can be defined as a surgical procedure. An event broadcast by TVRI, can be considered as a software of television equipment. So the music has been recorded on the tape on the above data, the paper, as well as a story or description in a book.
In principle, the computer is simply a tool that can be used to assist people in completing the work. To be able to work, these tools require their programs and human. Human understanding was then known as brain-ware (users).
The concept of hardware-software-brain-ware is a tri-single concept can not be separated from one another. For the first step, the human must go first into a computer program. After following the program stored in the computer, then the computer can work to help resolve problems in the man or his work.

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