Difference Between Mobile Responsive Website with Mobile Website and Mobile applications

Today where we can get the gadget with affordable price and backed with an internet connection is pretty cheap and easy, doubtless indeed if mobile devices such as mobile phone or tablet into a human primary choice for surfing the online world. Nowadays more than 15% of the population in our country Indonesia in particular to access an online information in mobile.
In addition to encouraging vendors to release products as well as affordable cost, this also makes them the website owner should make the website easier and user friendly to be seen both in the desktop browser, tablet and also mobile phones of various types.

Difference Between Mobile Responsive Website with Mobile Website and Mobile applications

Responsive Website

Responsive website is the latest technology or the latest W3C standardization are using Media Queries or the latest module of CSS3. Basic pembikiran responsive website which is to be a website become responsive or sensitive to the width of the visitor’s browser. Without the need to create another website. Quite a website just yet user friendly accessible from desktop gadget even ata.
See examples of websites with responsive design here.
The advantages of responsive web design are:
  • The first is cheap, because the process can we combine developmentnya.
  • Not necessary maintenance themselves
  • The rapid development time
  • user friendly
Deficiency :
Less suitable for websites with quite a lot of content, such as news portals and so forth. Tend it is a bit heavy as in file-size equal to the original website

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Difference Mobile Responsive Website with Mobile Website and Mobile applications

Mobile Website

Mobile website refers to the use of browser-based Internet service from handheld mobile devices, such as smartphones or other feature phones, via a mobile wireless network or others. example mobile website is m.detik.com and others. 
Mobile websites use a database similar to the parent website, but basically he is a stand-alone website or different to the original website. Features Mobile Website Lately they tend to be used by the owners of websites with high traffic, such as kaskus, compass, second and the like.
The advantages of the mobile website is:
  • Excess mobile website more SEO friendly for Google because it allows users. We do not need to zoom in to view the content. 
  • Faster, Content tersajikan tend to have the file size tiny dot that has at resize and of course has been adapted to the mobile users. So that visitors can access more quick recall, mobile internet it has a slower speed and spec hardware. 
Disadvantages main mobile website is likely to be more expensive, why is it expensive? because it must develop in separate ways, and it also requires its own maintenance.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are applications that have the same function, but with a different environment. He Shaped application that can be downloaded and installed on the mobile device that can be downloaded from the market such as the Play store app for android and also the App Store on the apple.
  • Can he pull through push notification, which we can apply to the marketing strategy.
  • User statistics more precise
  • We can access certain information on the user device, such as camera, contacts, image gallery etc.

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