How to earn money by writing on the Internet? UC News The answer!

You are a hobby writing , you who do not have a job during the holidays or for you who like to make comics and memes. We introduce UC We-Media program, a program of Alibaba Group’s UC Browser from China.

How to earn money by writing on the Internet? UC News The answer!

Now, you can find UC News and UC Browser apps on almost every phone or smartphone.

After gaining immense popularity, Alibaba decided to increase UC News contributors.

Then how to earn money by writing online on the internet through UC News?

The WE Media sign-up procedure is easy, but there may be a slight delay from UC Web due to the enormous volume of registries.

First Register to wm.ucweb, Click Picture below if you want to get invite from Because it usually lists through invitation code faster in process and accepted.

Then you will be directed to the registration form. Complete content and wait for approval from the web UC admin, at least 2 days usually. But if your hockey again good no less than 1 hour can be directly received.

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If you have registered, then check the registered email and click the verification code. And start writing on the submission link . Choose a niche or category that you really master such as technology, news artist, business , politics, opinions and others.

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Example of writing articles on uc-web

If your account is at least 1 week old and your writing has been seen for at least 2000, you can sign up for advertising monetization and start earning “$”. If approved, you just fill in the full address and account number, to be used to send the money. Minimum automatic disbursement is done if your income has reached $ 100 (Rp 1,333,000 current rate) or more. If there are certain events such as before the month of Ramadan, the day of the hero, the champion cup and the world cup, usually held a competition to write articles about matters relating to the event. If you are lucky you will get millions of dollars. So what are you waiting for, Yuk Join!

If you are serious about writing on UC web, you can register for SUPER 1000 program where UC News will provide financial support for 1000 qualified We-Media writers in Indonesia as well as India.

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