How Easily Attach Photos and Videos to email on iOS

How Easily Attach Photos and Videos to email on iOS

Android devices have the easy option for users who want to attach ( attach ) a photo or video when they want to send an email.

Usually the way that users often are (1) click the “Share” on the selected pictures in the photo album / video, or (2) click on “Attach File” on the pin icon next to the “Send” on the display new emails.

Then how on iOS-based devices? Different operating systems of different steps to add an attachment ( attachment ). However, the way is equally easy with Android devices.

1. Mail

First, open the Mail app on your iOS device. Then click “Compose” or create a new email.

In the body of the email, simply click and hold for a few seconds until the black option window. Swipe left until the option “Insert Photo or Video”.

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Once you click it, you’ll be taken directly to the album Photos. Just choose and the photo will be attached to the body of your email.

2. iCloud

What if the photo or video you want to send it turned out to be stored in iCloud? Do not worry, there are other ways to attach photos and videos from iCloud to email.

Same way as above. The difference, after click and hold for a while, slide continues to the left until you find the option “Add Attachment”. Furthermore, you will be taken directly to iCloud Drive to select the desired photo attachments.

3. Photos

The last way is from a photo. You can ascertain in advance any photos you want to send via email. To select it, click the “Select” and select the image you want.

Then, click the “Share” on the bottom left corner. New was performed choice app to share photos or videos. Click the “Mail” in order that the photos you selected attached directly to your email.

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