Facebok Alexa Rank Dropped, What?

Not only in the United States, the popularity of Facebook in Indonesia was also decreased. At least it looks from the published rankings of rating site Alexa.

Jebloknya been known to cause the most popular social networking site in Indonesia. In fact, usually the Facebook site often is in the top ten in Indonesia. In fact, often the service which was launched Mark Zuckeberg it in the top five.

Facebok Alexa Rank Dropped, What?

According to the observations, one possibility is to make the user selects quit Facebook for content shared is already unhealthy. Moreover, Indonesia is currently welcomes the local elections in 2017.

Another problem that is also called the cause is reporting that increasingly does not fit the facts. One source interviewed said that this time the news of obscure origin so often shared by any Facebook user without a confirmed first.

Today on Facebook so hectic with the news that sometimes obscure its source, but once, and distributed as deemed appropriate by the thought. In fact, if you want to see more observant, the link is shared usually includes resources and certainly first,” said one users.

A similar trend is also true in the United States. Post-election in the land of Uncle Sam, some users turned out to vote hiatus from Facebook . According to the USA today, upload or view issued before the election so not crowded and unhealthy.

A Google executive Ben Galbraith said that even he would not open up until 2017. He reasoned, uploads on such services is still much to contain anger and he was tired of removing the power for it.

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