Facebook’s new algorithm will be able to ‘find terrorists’

Facebook’s new algorithm will be able to ‘find terrorists’

Mark Zuckerberg said the company plans to develop software Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence technology) belongs to them to be able to do the review / examination of the sentence or the content posted on their social media.

This plan covers a wide field, not just looking for a hoax or a fake news, but claimed to be able to focus its work to find the content that leads to terrorism, violence and other violent activities.

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Technology is not yet available, but according to him, the AI ​​as she had planned it takes to do it yearly. Because it can be a mistake in their systems which remove content should be deleted.
Social media giant is recognized that it is impossible to oversee billions of posting content, articles, comments or messages that appear on Facebook every day.
But this time Zuckerberg assured that they have a system that is able to know whether certain content is news about terrorism or just propaganda that leads to terrorism.

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