Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft T-50 Will Get New Machine

Russia’s newest fighter aircraft made a major competitor F-22 Raptor. Earlier, American fighter planes had successfully demonstrated its merits in the Iraq War. “T-50 will run serial production is much longer than the Raptor. This allows us to consider all the pros and cons of existing aircraft, when making our own fighter aircraft. The same situation occurs when we’re setting up a fourth-generation multirole fighter Su-27 prototypes of domestic aircraft that appeared more recently than the American F-16s and consider the shortcomings analogs. As a result, our Sukhoi able to beat ‘the best American’ in the context of combat characteristics “said Vadim Kozyulin, a professor at the Academy of Military Sciences.

Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft T-50 Will Get New Machine

The expert said that the T-50 can use a large number of missiles air-to-air high precision, as well as all precision guided weaponry.

“As part of the concept of ‘stealth’, they developed a special missile for the T-50, with a blend that allows more warheads that can be transported in a combat mission,” said the expert.

Fighter Aircraft T50

The Russian company United Engine Corporation (UEC), part of Rostec, has successfully completed the first ignition system on the second stage engine workmanship Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA (Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation, ‘Prospective Airborne Complex Aviation Frontline’).

In addition to these machines, the company has also set up a gas generator for testing machines.

What Used Machine Fighter Aircraft T50 Current?

Currently, Fighter Aircraft T50 still using the machine the first stage, namely Al-41 was modernized.

Fighter Aircraft T50

According to Pavel Round, an avionics expert and head of Kupol Group company, the machine is similar to the engine Su-27 and Su-30, as well as other models of the series, although it is a newer version.

“Machines for the T-50 has been improved significantly compared to the original model – they have the most control systems, compressors, and others. However, the machine was still behind compared to the fifth generation concept and highly visible on the radar screen, “said the expert.

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The new engine, the second stage, is one of the most advanced in the world, the light Bullet. Thanks to this engine, the T-50 can accelerate toward supersonic speeds without using combustion-up (after burner), and maintain speed throughout the flight.

Fighter Aircraft T50

“I think the speed will reach Mach 1.6, or about 2,000 kilometers per hour, depending on the terrain traversed the flight. The machine also will improve the ability of the T-50 stealth significantly thanks to the use of new composite materials, ‘explained Bulat.

In addition, the designers hope to test the new engine on their fighter jet 1.5 years from now. They want machines that are already used extensively in 2020.

“Apart from the engines, there are two other things that also need to be modified, the radar station, and they need to eliminate the flaws in the concept of airframe, which – among all aircraft that fly at the moment – is the most modern in the world,” explained the analyst.

Jet Fighter Weapons Newest

30 millimeter caliber cannon

One cannon lightest in its class, the 9-A1-4071K cannon designed to attack armored vehicles or armored targets of the enemy. In one flight, the pilot can launch 150 shots from a gun 30 millimeters.

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This new weapon is a modification of a single-barrel aircraft cannon GSh-301 used by Russian fighter planes and bombers.

Aircraft bomb

PKE front, fifth-generation fighter will also receive high-explosive bombs and bomb thermo baric, said CEO of the company “Techmash” Sergey Rusakov on 22 September.

Fighter Aircraft T50

According to him, today the installation of a high explosive bomb OFZAB-500 bombs and thermo baric ODAB-500PMB for the PAK FA is being considered. Both have been used in operations in Syria by Russia. Currently, the warhead would have been produced for later testing.

In accordance weapons program in Russia, the Russian Armed Forces will receive 12 fighters T-50 before the end of this year. A supply contract to the new generation will be discussed with the Russian Defense Ministry by the end of 2016. Then, the War Department will decide how much air is needed.

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