How to Find Cell Phone Numbers You Have Blocked?

California - iPhone has one of the security features that are quite helpful at a time when it’s interrupted by the call or SMS is undesirable.

Yes, the feature is a feature Block. By using this feature, you can avoid calls and SMS that often appear at times unwanted.

Then, what will happen if it is experienced by us? How do I know that we’ve blocked contact friends, relatives or coworkers using an iPhone ? NextEV Launches Powerful 1341 hp Electric Supercar

Actually, there is not a quick way to find out about it. However, as reported by Business Insider on Wednesday (11/23/2016), there are some ‘sign’ that happens when you completely blocked by someone on the iPhone . Anything?

First, if you send an SMS to a contact who has blocked you, the message on-screen will still show the “Sent” (sent). However, the SMS you send will never appear on the iPhone blocker.

Secondly, if you are trying to contact the contact you via Phone Call blocking, voice telephony operator will be immediately transferred to voicemail like a mail box. So, you really can not call a contact that has blocked you.

Go to the contact you want to block, scroll to the bottom choice “Block this caller.” Voila, the contacts you have blocked.

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