How to Get the Best Security on the Internet

Today, we are addicted to the internet or we have started living with internet dependency. Starting from just a hobby, socializing, work, E-banking, E-mail and the other is already dependent on the Internet, and keeping the account or information stay safe is an absolute thing that we must have. And here we have a few tips on  How to Get the Best Security on the Internet.

How to Get the Best Security on the Internet

Create Password Complicated!

This is the first step and the best we can do that we get security on the internet. Make passwords complex and difficult to guess by others is something everyone should do to get the best security on the internet. However, many people are making a password with their date of birth, last name, spouse’s name, wedding date or dates invented and others. If you use all of these to be your password, immediately replace it, because passwords like this is vulnerable terbajak. Best Security on the Internet

Do not Create a Password by:

  1. Anything related to your personal information (name, date of birth, place of birth, maiden names, etc.)
  2. Words related to the site itself. For example, if the password Facebookmu, do not use password “Facebook” or any variations (ie “Facebook123”).
  3. Dictionary words. If someone tries to brute force your account, can terbobol in a matter of minutes if you use common dictionary words (ie “dog,” “cat,” “chocolate,” etc.).
  4. Do not create a password that is short.
  5. Do not save your password in a text file on your computer! If your computer is attacked by viruses or loss of control, someone could steal the entire list of passwords!
  6. Do not use the same password on more than one site! If you do and someone manages to gain access to one account, they will then have access to all your account. It’s like using the same key for your home, closets, and a car. If you lose a key, you lose everything. Do not use the same password on more than one site!

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Tips to Make Password:

  1. At least 8 character in the password, the longer the better.
  2. Use a mix of letters, numbers and other symbols.
  3. Is not related to you personally, as already discussed above.
  4. Use caps lock blend well, this will be very helpful.

Create a Security Question Answer Complicated! 

When you register on a website that requires you to have an account to access it, surely you are required to create a password and answer the secret question, such as:

  1. Who was your favorite teacher?
  2. Where is your father born?
  3. Where did you honeymoon?
  4. What is your favorite toy as a child?

And there is many other secret questions. And how to get the best security on the internet in this respect is to complicate the answer. Do not fill with actual data, because it would be susceptible of your friends who are ignorant. Example:

  1. Who was your favorite teacher?
    replied: buh3890-pp

In this way, security on the internet that you have a little better, with a note, amu should be able to remember it all.

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 Install Antivirus!

Best Security on the Internet

Install antivirus software is one of the best ways we can do to get the best keamaanan on the internet. But the obstacle is the time of installation, because we have to spend money to purchase a serial number But, shrugging it all for the sake of better data safety. There are many antivirus can you download on the internet. If you install antivirus, you’ll be protected from phishing.

Your account with the Mobile Connect started phone!

By linking your account with mobile phone numbers, will be very helpful when you forget the password or when your account successfully hacked by others. This is often overlooked by many people and the result is fatal, until they have to lose their account because there is no access to change the password.

That tips we can give to get the best security on the internet. But it will all be useless if we do not maintain our prudence. Remain cautious when surfing in cyberspace. Remember! Crime dimanapu you’re always after you.
Warm regards!

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