Here’s Five Advantages of Android 8.0 Mandatory You Know

Google’s operating system, Android, will soon release a new version, the Android 8.0 or also known as Android O. Various speculations appeared to welcome this news, but Google still has not give too many details about the latest version of this OS. Because the Android O is an unfinished version, which means the OS can only be used on a limited basis by developers alone for a while.

Here’s Five Advantages of Android 8.0 Mandatory You Know

To your Android smartphone users, wait for now. Google still needs time to mature Android O before releasing the final version. According to a report by BGR , there are a number of advantages of Android  8.0 version. Here’s a short review.

1. The battery is more powerful

Android operating system known as wasteful batteries. Not a few Android phones that complained because of a weak battery power. Well, Android O come to fix it. Diusungnya latest system will be able to proactively limit the use of applications that do not need or are not in use so that the battery will be more durable. Background applications have allegedly suck a lot of battery power, which is why Google will perform optimization on multiple applications are running, one of which location services.


2. The sound quality is better

If you are familiar with the sound quality of Sony, then this will be good news. Because, Google took Sony to enhance the audio quality of this latest Android by way of Bluetooth integration. LDAC technology made by Sony will produce a nice sound to be enjoyed by users of Android phones.

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3. Setting notifications

There are new issues introduced Google via Android O, the categorization of the notification. Users can sort and block notifications from various applications are considered disturbing, for example Technology (see picture). The push notification is also changing.

Android O

4. Picture-in-picture

YouTube loyal users must know the features picture-in-picture. This feature allows one resize or minimize the screen to open other applications, such as browsers. This simple feature is actually very practical and convenient to use.

5. Icon adaptive

The latter is entirely new, namely the adaptive icon. Developers can create interactive animated icons are capable of changing in accordance with their device. Very cool!

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