Here’s How to Make It Yourself with Ease BBM PIN

Good news for ya pal lovers as one of the media BBM Chat Messenger. Reportedly the BBM Users can create or order No. PIN Alone with ease, Unique, Nice, pretty or at will mate. This information is spread after an event coinciding with the Mobile World Congress “MWC” In 2015, in Spain in the city of Barcelona. With the new features in BBM, users can create or PIN costume as he likes. Buddy can also make beautiful PIN Number buddy want with ease. Cool is not it??

How to Make Your Own BBM Chat PIN with Ease

It is very easy, you know my friend, but there are conditions lohh … What wee Requirement? Buddy must make payment in advance. This feature must be purchased BBM Shop, at a price of $ 1.99 or equivalent to Rp. 25,000, Here is how:

  1. The users Mandatory use the latest version of BBM Chat. These customization can mate use to BlackBerry 10 and Android, while iOS will soon follow.
  1. Open the fuel.
  1. Then select BBM Shop and click.
  1. Upon entry into BBM Shop buddy, pal scroll down and select ‘Custom PIN Subscription’.
  1. After making this dude make his own BBM PIN buddy want

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Make a sign that the “Complete your BBM Profile” to my friend find “Your BBM Pin is”. If the PIN is not in accordance with the tastes Beautiful pal, do the steps above. After the step is completed, then the friend will get sent an email to confirm. Perform confirm by way pal Click Confirm. It is rather complicated anyway, but for the sake of PIN Pretty pal, do it deh. hehe

If BBM friend already updated to the latest version, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the BBM application Buddies
  2. Click the profile name of my friend and follow the steps. See the figure below:

So that I can say about How to Make Your Own easily Presumably BBM PIN helpful. See you again next dipostingan.

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