Some Interesting facts about AK47 Assault Rifle

Like the Mosin rifle in the first half of the 20th century, the AK 47 Assault Rifle is the most emblematic Soviet weapon of the second half of this century. It was conceived following the criteria characteristic of both Tsarist Russia and the USSR: simplicity and reliability above all else: the weapon must not fail. The dismantling of the weapon for cleaning is very simple and fast. But in both the Soviet Union and today’s Russia and in dozens of countries around the world there are champions who handle the AK-47, AK 47 Assault Rifle and their numerous modalities much faster. The Soviet gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov continues to emphasize that when the gun was created in 1947, always had in mind the soldiers not graduated in military academies and needed to attack and defend something very simple and safe.

Some Interesting facts about AK 47 Assault Rifle

It says the Russian Armed Forces regulation on the disarmament of the AK-74 assault rifle:

-13 seconds: excellent

-14 seconds: Good

-17 seconds: satisfactory

AK 47 Assault Rifle

And the assembly will be excellent if done in 23 seconds, well in 25 and would be satisfactory in 30. For the positive evaluation you have to fill the magazine with 30 cartridges in a lapse of 30 to 40 seconds.

Simple and safe

The AK 47 Assault Rifle (Russian “Avtomat Kaláshnikova”) was designed in 1947 and two years later began its manufacture on a large scale, to become the main light weapon of the Soviet Army. The USSR first armed the AK with its allies in Eastern Europe and then exported it to all continents; however, until 1999 the mechanical plant in Izhevsk did not register the assault rifle as a trademark. To date, 100 million copies have been produced worldwide. Experts estimate that 90% of this production violates copyright. The counterfeit models are even manufactured in auto repair shops with a cost price of about US $ 35. Meanwhile, the factory price of a genuine rifle is $ 300.

The authentic AK 47 Assault Rifle weighs 4.3 kilograms, its length is 870 millimeters, the length of the barrel is 415 mm and the caliber is 7.62 mm. The shooting rate is 600 shots per minute and the removable curved charger holds up to 30 cartridges.

Mikhail Kaláshnikov said that in his weapon there is nothing left: “Each one of the nine pieces asks that they install it in the place that is destined only for her”.

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The rifle is so simple that in the Soviet Union they taught to arm it and disarm it in the primary schools. The weapon can be immersed in the water and thrown into the mud without its safety and reliability being harmed.

The AK-47 has several models, such as the AKM – modernized version – or the AKMS, the version with folding stock, very comfortable for parachutists, both for its dimensions and its weight of 3.14 kilograms.

The first AK 47 Assault Rifle arrived at the units of the Soviet Army in June 1949. At first it was a military secret: they were transported in special cases and the carriers signed a document committing themselves to maintaining absolute secrecy over the weapon . The cartridges were also kept secret, carefully collected after the shooting exercises. The armor obtained by the rifle the Stalin prize, one of the most prestigious awards of the time.

AK 47 Assault Rifle

Despite what is claimed by a myth, the Kalashnikov system was not an “inheritance” of the German assault rifle MP 44, despite its obvious external resemblance. The operation of the automation system and the closure carry “features” of the American semi-automatic rifle M1 Garand, while the firing mechanism resembles that of the Czechoslovak ZH-29 rifle, but both elements were accompanied by original technical solutions.


In 1974 Mikhail Kaláshnikov designed a new version of the assault rifle, the AK-74. Its peculiarity was the caliber and, consequently, the cartridge.

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The development of the new rifle is due to the plans of the Army to pass to a smaller caliber cartridge, seen the experience of development and use in combat of the new American cartridge 5.56 × 45 mm. The effective range of AK-74 increased from 400 to 500 meters, compared to AK 47 Assault Rifle, while lethal force was reduced from 1500 to 1350 meters.

Less recoil momentum and the new device in the muzzle, which served as a muzzle brake , compensator and flash hider at the same time, increased shooting accuracy. The reduction of the weight of the cartridges allowed to increase the amount of ammunition could carry a fighter (200 cartridges of 7.62 x 39 mm weighs the same as 300 cartridges of 5.45 x 39 mm). Another advantage of the AK 47 Assault Rifle was its sturdy and lightweight plastic charger. Later, the cylinder head was manufactured with the same material.

But at the same time, the diminution of the caliber, and therefore of the weight of the bullet, worsened the stability of the projectile in its trajectory and its perforating power, both elements very necessary in combats in forests or in populated areas. These disadvantages maintained the interest of the combatants for the guns of the caliber 7,62, which testify to the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya. The AK 47 Assault Rifle was first used by Soviet troops in the Afghan war in the 1980s.

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