How To Make Money From The Internet With Android Applications

How To Make Money From The Internet With Android Applications

Many people think the android app is just a tool to make things easier.That is true, but also wrong.
Why can it be so?Android applications not only help simplify perform a task but can be used to make money as well.
Whaff rewards is the best android application  of moneymaker I mean.With this application you can make dollar money easily and without capital. Just use your android phone to start earning dollars from this app. The system is like this> You are required to do activities such as downloading apps or games, or Share apps to social media, and after you do these things then you will be paid.
Why is this app willing to pay you? Because this app is an advertising app. So they want to pay because you are already using their application. Payments are in dollars, and for a minimum take of only $ 11.5 or if you are a Class of Clans fan you can redeem your already earned dollars with free Gems .
Delicious right?
If you are interested in using Whaff to earn money from the internet, follow the steps below:

  • Because we will register whaff using facebook, so before you have to login first to the facebook account you have through the browser on your android. If not login first, you will not be able to register to whaff.
  • Furthermore, after logging into facebook account do not pressed the exit button but press the Home button and after that, you can start to register at whaff by downloading the first WHAFF application
  • Then open the app. Once the app opens click the “Login” button located on the top right, then you must log-in using your facebook account.
whaff reward
  • If logged-in, you will be prompted to enter a “code” to get the first dollar worth $ 0.3 dollars. Then input my invite code following CR39899
Code whaff
  •  Enter the verification text in the top box and invite my code CR39899 in the box below. If the text is not clear just click refresh that I marked with red arrows, later will appear more clear text.
  • After entering the invite code, then you and I will get a registration bonus worth $ 0.3.
How to get dollars from WHAFF?

Download apps and games is a major step to earn Money from Whaff dollars.
There are several categories in each application that will be downloaded. The different commissions are different.
These categories are:

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  • Premium Picks
  • Whaff Picks

All Picks Picks provide a lot of applications and games that you can download to earn dollars. What I like best is premium picks because we’ll get 3 times more money.

How did it happen? For example we download the tokopedia app in premium picks like the picture below.

premium pick
  • You will get 0.05 dollars after downloading.
  • You will also earn money every day 0.1 Dollars if running tokopedia for 2 minutes a day.
  • If the Tokopedia app remains inside Android (not deleted), then you will be paid 0.03 every day for a certain period of time.
Well, there is another way that you can use to get additional dollars from whaff is to invite friends to use whaff applications. Every friend you manage to get, you and your friends will get $ 0.3 bonus from whaff.

Quite fun is not it?
How to get money from the internet through the application WHAFF  I like and also loved by the owner of HP android.

After the dollar you collect already a lot, it is time to draw dollars that you have collected earlier by using a paypal account. After that you can transfer money from paypal account to local bank account like BRI, BCA, BNI and others or you can use dollar in paypal for online shopping.

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For those who do not know how to create a paypal account, can read  How to create a free paypal account . How to withdraw dollars from whaff to paypal account:

  • Go to the whaff application and select the menu at the top left.
payout via paypal
  • Choose a payment then scroll down and select Paypal. Then select the payout amount and enter your Paypal e-mail at the bottom, then click the request.
withdraw dollars to paypal
  • Payout process will be sent within 1-3 days excluding holidays. But usually not until 2 days have been sent.

This is evidence of withdrawal of dollars from whaff to paypal account.

Money from internet
Payment whaff
Quite a lot of dollars in the can from WHAFF?

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But do not expect to get dollars from whaff it is easy, it needs perseverance and hard work also to be able to get that much money.

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