How To Make Money From The Internet Through Blogging

How To Make Money From The Internet Through Blogging

Blogging is a great way to earn money from the internet, because blogging activities we can do though without capital. But if you want to earn extra money quickly, Blog is not a “solution”.
Creating a blog is easy, but Getting good rankings in search engines (like google) is hard.
Why get good rankings in search engines?

“In order for our blog to get traffic / visitors”
Why get visitors?
“Because there are no visitors, no money”.
That’s the blog principle.
Unless you create a news blog like, without winning in search engines, visitors will still come.
But it takes a lot of capital to create a blog like that.
So to earn money from blogs you have to work hard and never give up so that later your blog can be successful and make a lot of money.
Can my blog succeed?
Certainly can.
Not only hundreds of thousands of money you will get, but millions and even tens of millions of dollars you can achieve if your blog is successful.
Do not believe?
You can see the blogger income poll made by famous blogger that is ” Mas Sugeng “
blogger income
average income
Image from Sugeng.Id

It’s not the average income of a blogger.

Even mas sugeng own that he said only junior high school graduates can buy land, motor, etc from the results of his blog.
Cool, right?
Well, that’s a blogger. Income in the can not be underestimated, as long as willing to work hard all can be realized.
If you are interested in getting money from the internet through blogging, you should learn to blog.
Not only make a blog, if only make 3 minutes too but you must learn how to Become a Successful Blogger.
How much money can be earned from blogging a

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Income can vary depending on the traffic and monetization method used. Just like mas sugeng, eka lesmana also only graduated from junior high school but the income from blogging is amazing.
He is a full time blogger.
People who do part-time blogging activities, their opinions also depend on how much time they devote to their blog.
Ok, now we will discuss what ways can be used to earn money from the internet through blogs.
There are several methods that can be done, namely:

1. Sell Your Own Product In Blog
Surely we are confused yes if we have to sell their own products. There will be a question like this:

  • What products can I sell?
  • Will my product sell well?
No need to bother making products that are difficult for you to achieve. We take a simple course, such as information products.
What is information product?
Information products are products that teach others to do something they have not been able to do before. Products like these are usually EBook-shaped, video and audio (digital products)

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Is anyone interested in buying a product like this?
Everyone is thirsty for information. Even people are willing to pay dearly for just an information.  That’s why internet marketing loves this online business model .
To create an information product, you must ask yourself. What can I do better than others?
Suppose you are a kindergarten teacher, you are an expert in teaching children to read. Well you should make product information about How to teach children to read within 5 minutes? Make as detailed as possible in the form of Ebook, video or audio. After that promote on blog with the same topic.
People who need that information will definitely buy your product. In fact they will continue to buy if the products you create really benefit them. Imagine how much money you can get from blogs by selling your own products. 100% profit will be yours if you sell your own product.
Only a little skill capital, but the profits can be very satisfactory.

2. Following Affiliate Program (affiliate marketing)
Affiliate is the second way you can try if you do not want to create your own product. Affiliate marketing is a commission-based sales business model. So when you manage to sell, you earn money. Yes, almost the same as sales. But this is in the online world, you do not have to bother around to offer products. Simply put the affiliate link provided by the product Vendor on your blog then let the buyer make money for you.
Before starting the way to earn money from the internet with this method, you must first register in affiliate program service providers such as:
Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay, Lazada, Ratakan (Affiliate network indonesia).
All you have to remember is, choose affiliate products that are relevant to the content of your own blog. Affiliate products that are relevant to your blog, will convert a high level of sales.
For example, if your blog discusses about a vehicle then you should display affiliate advertisements about motorcycles, cars and other vehicles.
If you have special skills, actually selling services is the fastest way to earn money from the internet.
Why ?
Let’s see, in the offline world what is the most widely searched by many people?
Definitely services right?
Such as service motor service, Ojek, photo copy, tailor and various other services. Just as in the offline world, we can also sell our specialty through the internet.
Suppose you are an SEO expert, then you offer the services you have on the internet. People who need SEO will surely be looking for you. That way, money is looking for you, not you who make money.
Delicious right? Now think about what skills you have. Create a blog now, then promote your skills on the blog.
Then, you just wait for money to come to you.
4. So Publisher Ads
Many people argue that the affiliate program is much better than being a Publisher ad. I totally agree with this. But …. Maybe it only works for one blog only and does not work for other blogs.
For that ad publisher is the right solution to overcome it.
You can use Google AdSense to become an ad publisher or you can use advertising services provided by other networks such as:
  • Click me
  • Chitika
  • Collect bloggers
  • Adsense Camp
From some ad service providers above, google adsense is the most popular by the bloggers because Adsense is Google’s own advertising service providers themselves. According to Wiki  Google’s biggest revenue comes from advertisers.
Well, you can also enjoy some percent of that income if you become a publisher of Google ads. So if you can not create your own product, have no service skills or do not like affiliate marketing, the last thing you can do to earn money from the internet is to be an ad publisher.
Being an ad publisher is easy but the income can not be greater than other blog monetization methods.
5. Design Templates
All sites and blogs require a “Template” (or so called theme) that makes the blog look beautiful.
We can easily earn money from the internet if you have expertise such as: Web design, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, and other knowledge about creating templates. This is what is done by the famous template designer Arlina Design. He sells templates template which I think is very cool and of course frendly SEO that will make your blog win the competition in search engines.
Even available also a free template on the blog Arlina Design. You need to know, templates in use this blog was made by Arlina, Quite cool right?
How much money can you earn from selling templates?
Usually, Arlina sells templates for 50 to 100 thousand rupiah.
So if there are 5 buyers in a day, just imagine how the results in 1 month just by selling the template?
Quite a lot right?
You can set the price you want if you want to be a template designer.

Those are some ways to earn money from blogs. You can start it after having a blog.

The difficulty level of this way is to get traffic / visitors. I even spent up to 6 months to get 1000 visitors perday.

Remember the blog principle: No visitors, no money.

So if your blog does not have visitors, do not expect to make money from blogs.

For that you must be serious if you want to succeed like blogger that I mentioned earlier.

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