NASA Will Build Nuclear Reactor in Mars for New Energy Sources

Although far from complete, NASA continues to finalize its efforts to take humans to Mars . Now, the US space agency plans to build a nuclear reactor in order to create a source of energy for the first humans to inhabit the Red Planet.

NASA Will Build Nuclear Reactor in Mars for New Energy Sources

Unsparing, the nuclear reactor development project worth Rp 190 billion. Later, NASA will build the reactor as high as 1.98 meters and will test it before on Earth.

In the first experiment, the reactor must parse the uranium atom to start the engine. If they succeed, NASA would immediately take him to Mars .

Going forward, the nuclear reactor will be the main instrument to support the production of energy such as oxygen, light, water, heat and electric power for charging the vehicle and scientific devices.

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“Every nuclear reactors can produce power 10 kilowatt, enough to feed two people in the expedition for Mars,” NASA wrote in a statement as

This is not the first time NASA experimented with nuclear reactors. In 1960, they also initiated a program called SNAP (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power) with a thermoelectric nuclear reactor to create heat source.

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In addition to building a nuclear reactor for human resources, NASA also plans to build a giant magnetic wall in order to rebuild the Red Planet’s upper atmosphere to be habitable.

As is known, the planet Mars is barren surface and has a thin atmosphere, but researchers believe the condition can be engineered by constructing a magnetic wall in the upper atmosphere. They say that the name ” magnetosphere” .

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Wall magnet serves to protect the planet from solar particles and cosmic radiation. In addition, it also serves to create a greenhouse effect that is capable of producing liquid down to the surface of the planet.

Based on our analysis, Mars actually it’s own layer  which disappeared since three billion years ago.

“The atmosphere is thick on the planet is slowly fading because of the storm the sun. As a result, the water content evaporates and the remaining planetary freeze,” said a researcher.

The wall will also create two poles which will create an electric circuit which can produce artificial magnetic area. After years of the new Mars could rebuild its atmosphere gradually layer.

Currently, the plan is still contained in the proposal Planetary Science Vision 2050 Workshop. It could be that this plan can only be implemented in 2050.

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