How To Restore Applications and Settings on Android

How To Restore Applications and Settings on Android

Did you just replace the smartphone  Android? Sure you are confused about how to restore applications and settings  from your old phone.

Actually there are easy ways you can do without having to download and install the application again, through Google.

As we all know, Google has always synchronize calendars, contacts, documents in Drive, Gmail, and other information related to the user’s Google account information. Since the version of Android Lollipop (5.0), Google offers the ability to restore ( restore ) the application from your old phone to the new phone.

Now, with the Android OS update Marshmallow (6.0), enhanced features including application data according to the system settings. This information is stored in the cloud computing aka the cloud .

Citing a page of Android Central , Friday (26/05/2017), if you use Google Now or Pixel Launcher, background images homescreen , icons, up to a folder on your old phone is saved to the cloud . With this, the user can reset the homescreen of this new device.

These data are stored in Google Drive, where each application gets a storage space of up to 25MB.

Here are tips that you can Me- restore applications and Android settings long and move it again to your new Android.

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Enables Backup

Android Backup Service

Make sure that you have backed up ( backup ) of all data and applications on smartphones longer be able to restore it to a new phone. Here’s how:

1. Open the “Settings” menu from the home screen or app drawer

2. Masuk ke pilihan “Backup and reset”

3. Select the “Backup my Data ” and activate

4. Back in the “Backup and reset”

5. Verify that the Google account you’re connected to “Backup account”

6. Enable the “Automatic restore” to restore settings and data when installing an application.

Now, after you have successfully enabled Android backup services, system settings and application data are automatically saved in Google Drive.

As soon as you change to a new Android, you can rely on Android Backup services stored in Google Drive to save the settings, a variety of applications, and other data.

How to Restore Application

How to Restore Android Applications and Settings to New

It is important to keep in mind, the service backup applies only to devices running Android OS Lollipop and above. In addition, this setting is available on smartphones recently activated or already be reset the factory . Here’s how:

1. As soon as you activate a new phone (or a new one di- reset the factory ), select the “arrow” on the screen

2. Select the language system

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3. Choose your WiFi network

4. Select “Accept and continue” ( Accept and move)

5. You can copy your Google account, apps and data from your old phone. But this time troubleshooting is done by other means

6. Login to your Google account

7. Select the “Accept” to sign in to your Google account

8. On the page of Google service, you can choose whether you want to use the backup of your account or not

9. After choosing preferences, you can select the “Next / Continue”

10. If you want to add an email address, you can choose “Add another email” or add a new email, or if not, select “Not now” and select “Next”.

11. Then, you will go to the option “Which device” or which device or application you want to save the data back on the new device.

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