Russia Create Electromagnetic Weapons are Able Disable Enemy Drone

Russia is developing new technologiesElectromagnetic Weapons to combat drone-based combat system, such as the US-designed Swarm. This new weapon will use the principle of electromagnetic drone to immobilize enemies. In late October, a representative of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation stated that an expert in the company has completed an entirely new type of weapon. Uniqueness is the main target of these weapons is a drone fighter mini.

Russia Create Electromagnetic Weapons are Able Disable Enemy Drone

Drone, which began to be used as a weapon of the army about ten years ago, has changed direction as a whole on the battlefield. Basically, the role of humans is gradually removed as the main combat unit. Reconnaissance and attack, things that used to be impossible without direct human involvement, can now be done by robots.

Drone looks like a mini plane model from outside. But in fact, an effective weapon can be placed on it, and do not have to be a gun or missile. Drones a platform that is almost ideal for placing the device Electromagnetic Weapons.

What is Swarm?

Electromagnetic Weapons

Swarm system is the latest development of the American defense industry. Although the idea is simple, the system is complicated to use. The concept itself plain: to confuse the enemy air defense systems by creating interceptors.

This concept has been used on several occasions and never fails However, Swarm uniqueness lies in the use of drones aimed at blocking the function of the radar station. The system is not made up of one or two engines – illustrated by its name (swarm means ‘herd’ in English). Transporter, which can be any flying devices, launched dozens of drone, like the action of a bunch of bees.

Each drone is an independent combat unit. It can be equipped with all kinds of weapons, from missiles to electronic devices. However, the action Swarm organically integrated. Each drone that makes up the system have specific functions, such as reconnaissance, creating interception, or launch a missile attack.

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Russia Create Electromagnetic Weapons

Unmanned planes is simultaneously send the information on a single control point and replace one-another. It basically produces a new type of combat system. He is not only able to cover the invasion of air in the area of ​​defense by hitting enemy radar, but also attacking targets at a predefined location. Traditional air defense system will not be able to deal with the Swarm – practically, impossible to deflect the missiles.

New Weapons Russia to Face Swarm

If Swarm able to achieve the target it is almost impossible to stop Therefore, the development of the newly created Russian engineers aiming to block it when it approaches.

Russia Create Electromagnetic Weapons

Unlike systems of the previous generation, the new weapon is oriented on the current function. Instead of creating a radio interception, this new weapon disables all electronic devices drone. Drone was not damaged physically, but transformed into a heap of iron alone. Compared to attack ineffective in miniature airplanes, different tactics are used. He disrupts communications between drones in the herd with their control center.

Currently, development is still a secret weapon. There is no information how the actual weapons that Russia will act against swarms of drones .Experts assume this system will have a directional Electromagnetic Weapons.

It seems possible. Russia has long relied on the use of electromagnetic radiation in the battle. If so, the drone will be attacked by the flow of high-voltage actually burn their ‘inside’. Electromagnetic bomb is also effective for use against them.

Russia Create Electromagnetic Weapons

Exploded at a height of several hundred meters, the bomb disabling all electronic devices that are within a radius of four kilometers. However, many questions remain unanswered. For example, is not yet known how electromagnetic attack will be created and directed. Clearly, however, the Russian arms entered a new development level.

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