Tested Falling, What Fate Nokia 3310 2017?

Tested Falling, What Fate Nokia 3310 2017?

The rebirth of the Nokia 3310 at Mobile World Congress in 2017 made many people curious. Nokia mobile phones produced along HMD Global it is not a smartphone 4G with attractive features, but a feature phone like the Nokia 3310 legacy.

Even so, those who have already used the Nokia 3310 certainly know how strong it made phone 2000s. So, what about the Nokia 3310 edition in 2017 , whether he is as strong as its predecessor?

Business Insider also prove by durability test by means of a drop test . Citing Tech Times , Monday (06/05/2017), the Nokia 3310 in 2017 dropped from various heights without the use of protective cell phone.

In a video made by Leon Siciliano, Nokia 3310 2017 dropped from four different height positions, ie, from the height of his pants pockets, the shoulder, the first floor and the fourth floor of a building.

As a result, when the phone is dropped from a pants pocket or shoulder height, the Nokia 3310 edition of 2017  only slightly scratched. Nevertheless, the performance of mobile phones Rp 650 thousands was still normal.

Meanwhile, when the phone is dropped from a height of more than 8 feet (1st floor of a building), baretan on the phone body even more and more emerging and batteries to be separated. Nokia 3310 2017 still works fine when ignited.

Endurance test was continued from a higher place, that is, from the fourth floor window of a building. Again, casing behind Nokia 3310 2017 phone battery back apart and ejected. Remarkably, the Nokia 3310 2017 can still be burning. Even so, the phone screen suffered considerable damage.

Do not stop there, the test is continued by throwing the Nokia 3310 2017  into a brick wall. Unfortunately, this time Nokia 3310 2017 collapse, could no longer turn on.

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