6 Things You Can Do When Lost Internet Signals

Internet has become part of everyday life. It feels empty without smartphones pet you in the hand and is not connected to the internet signal. Quota enough internet, telephone and SMS smoothly, but when open the browser or run the application functions that need an internet connection, you fail to connect.

Do not rush to call the operator just to make sure you do not why internet way, because actually you yourself already can handle with ease. Here are things you need to consider when the internet signal is lost.

Here are six things you can do when the internet signal is lost.

Make sure APN settings You Already True

Mobile okay, flagship, upscale, already the trendiest today. The time you call the operator and advised on setting the APN or Access Point Name or Point Name Access, you are confused and wondering where the setting was found. Already described, but you do not know exactly where. No upset that you added, the operator is also upset, internet you do not clear up. Be aware! This missing signal problem is not a problem that every day you are supposed to find. So please find out first.

Internet Signal

Generally for setting APN or Access Point Name on most mobile phones, such as the type of Android , is on the settings, network settings, or Mobile Network. Well then there you’ll find the APN or Access Point Names. Already you edit, make sure you’ve correctly, do not also forget to save for now. Each APN for each operator will be different, for example Telkomsel APN name his is the Internet, for Three eg 3data, or XL with XLBroadband.

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