Tips to Prevent Online Fraud Action in Instant Messaging Applications

Tips to Prevent Online Fraud Action in Instant Messaging Applications

kind of scam is phishing  and scam , in fact pose a threat to users of instant messaging applications. In fact, many cases of phishing occurs in several instant messaging applications, and the most frequently encountered this issue is WhatsApp .

Recent spreads chain messages containing free quota fraud 50GB all operators. With the lure of free 4G internet quota of 50GB, users ‘tempted’ to click on a link contained in the message content.

“The good news for users of Telkomsel Get Free Internet Data 50GB 4G with Telkomsel Sim for 90days, with unlimited voice calling. Click here to activate now ? “so roughly that the sound of chain messages.

Google Docs users also experienced similar incidents. In May 2017, the scammers use a Gmail user invites mode prompted to click the link to view a document, which provides access for hackers to infiltrate into their Google account, including to peer email, contacts, and documents online .

Not just Google Docs and WhatsApp, instant messaging applications BBM  (BlackBerry Messenger) even get resin. The latest cases bring scammers to spread the message that contains the lure of lucrative gifts such as cars.

And very disturbing, in action they carry the name of PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi (Emtek Group). Scammers spread spam with links that link as if it is the official website of the Group Emtek.

“Congratulations to you as BBM Users ANDROID / SMARTPHONE your BBM PIN Lucky Wins Grand Prize (1) unit of CAR TOYOTA AVANZA Veloz No.Code Winners” (KH799DL) “Authorized by letter of approval and certified by a Notary No attachment: Und.03Rkp 39.IIV -5 Sah, 2017, “according to the message content such fraud.

In addition to the link, to convince the victim, the scammer also menyantumkan phone number. “Taking or Handling Prize please visit or click on the website ‘s official draw; Cs 085824387581.”

Fake sites are also to omit the name of customer service can be contacted. Scammer confidently write Noviansyah Boy name along with a photo ID and a fake Emtek Group membership card.

Monitoring of , obviously this is a fraud. In these sites, the victim will be directed to pay a sum of money as the terms and conditions of the prize decision.

Learning from all the cases mentioned above, presents special tips for users of instant messaging applications in order not to be dragged into the action phishing . In a sense, to prevent acts of fraud that occurred in the instant messaging application, it helps us all heed the following tips.

Perform The Following Steps

1. Remove Personal Information

Personal information such as home address, phone number, occupation, or even BBM PIN should be immediately removed from the column profiles on social media. That information makes it easy for hackers to attack users.

In addition, immediately get rid of friends who are not really known of the list of friends. Then update your profile information in part to no longer put up information that is too personal.

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2. Review your Privacy Settings

One to prevent other people know where you are by turning off location services on GPS. In this way, others certainly will not able to track the location of your existence.

In fact, the use of GPS is used several applications to support more accurate performance. For that, consider also the security of applications that require access to GPS.

3. Look out! Suspect Email and Message Unknown

The technology used by email spam is now increasingly sophisticated. Therefore, always be careful when receiving emails or messages from unknown senders. If the content of the message offers the lure that does not make sense, ignore and immediately delete the contact.

Moreover, if the email or the message then ask for account information or personal data to you, because now there was a bit of a malicious email that looks like an email in general. Therefore, be sure to always check the email sender or message comes in before it opened.

4. Note Address Site with https: //

When you receive a message from someone and mengiming-a prize. Do not immediately tempted. Usually, he clings sitelinks to encourage users to move into the trap that has been made. Make sure the site again really is not a hoax. The trick, is to check the https: //.

The letter ‘s’ after http link means is secure , which means secure. Therefore, before entering personal information make sure the sites visited using the prefix https: //.

Thus, it can be ascertained that site already has security features to ensure the information entered in it.

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