Top 10 Best Smartphone Company In The World 2017

Mobile or smartphone is not indiscriminate. The rich or the ordinary people have grasped it. Its function itself is diverse. Some use the smartphone as a means of communication and entertainment, many who already consider it as a business partner and the mainstay device that facilitates all affairs.

Increasing the need for smartphones certainly increasingly stretching the industry as well.Various companies compete to offer the best products, and hook as many consumers as possible. The old players still continue to maintain its existence. They also have to compete with newcomers, who are warmly welcomed by the public. Especially when the newbiecompany can deliver sophisticated and affordable products at once.

When viewed from the total shipments of mobile units, here are 10 of the world’s best Smartphone companies in 2017. Jom !

10. TCL (Alcatel)

TCL Communication released a brand called Alcatel, which later became one of the pioneer smartphone. The company itself is a pioneer in terms of telecommunication equipment or internet products. They also have got its own in the tablet and smartphone industry.


TCL or Alcatel offers attractive features in smartphones. Whether it’s internet connectivity, touch screens, high resolution cameras, long battery life, and so on. Some of the famous brands that they have marketed are U5, Idol series, Pixi series, OneTouch series, etc.

9. ZTE

ZTE is also included in the ranks of telecommunication companies that already have a name. They offer products and services, both for consumers and for companies. Some of the products that are relied on are smartphone devices, access, wireless equipment, etc.

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Especially for smartphones, they have a variety of brands. There are BLADE, AXON, ZTE Max series, Avid, etc. Recommended features include touchscreen, long battery life, day fingerprint usage, Wifi, etc. Its own marketing system is not limited to advertising or billboards, but in sporting events as well. Included by appointing famous football player, Ronaldo, as their advertising model .

8. Lenovo

Lenovo stood in 1984, and is engaged in the electronic realm. Then in 2013, they expanded the business into hp or smartphone as well. Since then, its development has continued to increase continuously.

Users are already familiar with the Lenovo Phab series, Lenovo K series, Lenovo Z series, Lenovo Vibe, etc. Unmitigated, their presence is intended to compete with the world’s smartphone giants like Samsung and Apple. Promotion was heavily conducted via the internet, TV ads, magazines, etc.

7. Xiaomi

The China-based company started operations in 2010. Its name is Xiaomi, but its logo reads MI. Companies interpret it as Mobile Internet, or Mission Impossible, which refers to the competition of the smartphone market is very tight.

They steal the world’s attention, because it can offer a good product as well as affordable. Some brands that can be a consideration of consumers are Redmi 2, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Mi Band, Mi 4, and so on.

6. LG

LG became one of the major Korean companies that have survived from 1947 until now. Its worldwide name is used to introduce smartphone products in 2013. Some of the famous brands are Lg G series, LG K series, LG V series, LG Stylus, LG Spirit, etc.

To strengthen the existence and strong branding, they are keen to market the product in advertisements in various mass media. They have even become sponsors of major agendas such as Formula 1, fashion events, snooker competitions, etc.

5. Vivo

In addition to managing Oppo and OnePlus, BBK Electronics also released Vivo. The company has stood firmly in Dongguan, China, since 2009. The brand itself is famous for its HiFi chip that drives performance to strengthen. In addition, they also emphasize innovation on all products.

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Some famous Vivo V5 outputs with dual front cameras, Vivo V5 with moonlight cameras, and Vivo Y series. They promote these products by utilizing famous celebrities, or by participating in sporting events.

4. Oppo

Just like Vivo, Oppo also has a large base in Dongguan, China. You could say, Oppo is “brother” Vivo, because it was born first in 2001. In the year 2015-2016, this one smartphoneimmediately skyrocketed. Why not, they can offer good stuff with a thin budget only.

Some brands that are familiar to its users are Oppo N series (N1, N3), Oppo R series (R5, R7), Oppo F (F1, F3), Oppo Mirror, Oppo Find, etc. They were so keen to read the needs of the market, so do not hesitate to call ragy brand- her as “camera phone maker”. Innovation and features in the camera is no doubt. No wonder that many young people are smitten with Oppo. They are also aggressively marketing their products.

3. Huawei

Again a company based in China, precisely in Shenzen. The company has been established since 1987, but only seriously pursue the mobile phone segment in 2003. Some names that have been known to consumers namely Nexus series, Mate series, P series, G series, and Y series.

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To strengthen marketing and capture customer confidence, Huawei took several world football clubs. They work with Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal FC, Athletic Bilbao, Real Madrid, etc. They also sponsored the RCB cricket club in India. This strategy seems to be so successful, because they can take part also in Asian and European markets.

2. Apple

This familiar name is based in Cupertino, California. Great people named Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and their other colleague named Rondal who has established and managed it. As the world knows, they produce a variety of product market rulers. There are iPhone, iPod, iTunes, iOS, Apple Music, Apple Online Store, etc.

We ourselves become a witness, how high public enthusiasm for Apple products. As soon as there is the latest mobile phone announcement , people come in droves in line. They continue to be the main rivals for big names like Samsung, LG, or other companies from China, but still Apple gets its own high position in the hearts of its customers.

1. Samsung

This is a mobile phone company that hook the highest number of shipment . The company itself comes from South Korea, but its existence has been accepted in almost all corners of the world. Moreover, their Galaxy series can be a separate threat for Apple products.

Some of Samsung’s latest Samsung S7, Samsung S8, Samsung Note 7, etc. Indeed there was an incident in their product, which caused his reputation to shake. But Samsung directly redeem it by presenting the latest products are more innovative and quality.

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