Top 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about Accidental Ships and Boats

Some people still remember today when MS Estonia sank on the Baltic Sea, while others remember that when MS Concordia’s captain recently thought he was a motorcyclist and rolled the whole boat.Even though it is the safest way to travel, a lot of accidents happen. We have listed ten accidents that you should at least know!

Top 10 Facts you Probably did not Know about Accidental Ships and Boats

01)  Just two years after Titanic , Empress Of Ireland also  succeeded with the same company. However, 68.5% of the vessel’s passengers and crew died (0.5% more than that of Titanic), but since the First World War was in full swing, there was never a bigger snack about the event.

02) In 1945  a German submarine dropped to the sea due to a toilet problem . Submarines were equipped with a newdeep water pressure shower system that allowed them to be used when under deep water. However, a failure on the toilet led to the death of many men.

03) MS Estonia still remains on the bottom of the sea in the Baltic Sea today . There is a ban  on diving down to the wreckage.


04)  In 1991 , when the cruise ship Oceanos dropped, the crew abandoned the ship and left the passengers. However, they were all rescued by the guitarist Moss Hills , who communicated using the ship’s radio for assistance and guided the  rescue effort.

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05)  During the Cold War , the United States spent $ 3.8 billion on building a ship with a bucket that would be 4.5 km long , just to be able to “dig up” a Soviet submarine with nuclear weapons aboard On the bottom of the ocean.

06)  In August of 2000 , a Russian submarine dropped due to the poorly maintained entertainment of the submarine. None of the crew survived, but guess fully they would have been rescued unless the Russians had refused help from the West.

07)  In 2013 , when the Japanese ship  Jascon 4 dropped to the bottom of the sea, the ship’s one cook survived for three days thanks to an air pocket that had been created at the wreck.


08)  During a storm in  1703 , a man named Thomas Atkins was thrown from his sinking ship from one to the deck of another ship. When the ship began to sink, another waveswepthim from the ship into a lifeboat.

09)  USS Tang , one of the most successful submarines during World War II , fell to sink with one of its own torpedos.

10)  In 1779 , US Captain John Paul Jones was engaged in violation of the Royal Navy of England with its burning and sinking ship. He did not give up and hours later he jumped on the British ship and took it over . Shame on the one who gives up.

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