Top 10 Tips for Hide Personal photos with Google Photos

Top 10 Tips for Hide Personal photos with Google Photos

photo album service Google , comes with a number of feature-based Machine Learning refreshment.

The latest feature, announced at the event Google I / O 2017 held recently. One of the newest features of the Google Photos  is the ability to Hide Personal photos or videos.

In order to access this feature, not necessary a special way. But for the record, these features for now they can only be accessed by users of Android. And for users of Android, try to make sure the Google Photos app you’re already most updated to version 2.15.

The first way, open Google Photos. Select the photos you want to hide. Afterwards tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and select the ” Archive “. Your photos will automatically be archived.

At this point, photos archived meaning has been hidden and can not find anyone else when idle open Google Photos have you.

To access the photos are hidden, moved to your profile menu, and find the “Archive” under “Device Folders “.

Just for the record, archive photos or videos does not mean delete photos from the Google Photos account of yours. Photos and videos are hidden, just removed from the feed main Google Photos.

So, do not worry if your photos and videos automatically archived yours, because you can find it easily in a matter of seconds.

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