Top 3 Easy Tips to Improve RAM Performance on Android Smartphone

If you use a smartphone Android and sometimes your mobile phone aka slow noticeably slower than usual, there is the possibility of capacity RAM  ( random access memory ) cell phones are getting narrower.

Just FYI, the RAM is used to store a variety of data from the application is still active. By doing so, the application can be accessed quickly by the processor. That said, RAM is temporary storage space that allows users to access a lot of things and makes smartphones so multitasking.

Therefore, if the RAM capacity becomes even more crowded, the phone’s performance in the processing of user commands to slow even further. For example, when you want to open a Facebook application, the process will be slower than usual.

So, what can be done to solve it? Here are some tips to make more RAM relief.

1. Disable  Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Personalize smartphone by adding widgets and live wallpaper does make the phone display to be more personal. Even so, as Tekno quotation Android Pit , Monday (29/05/2017), widgets and live wallpapers spend space of RAM. Instead of being faster, often Me- refresh device is actually draining the battery.

Therefore, the right step to do is to limit the use of widgets and disable live wallpaper for optimizing the RAM.

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