Top 5 Best Animation Company in Malaysia

Like the animated film or cartoon? From childhood we have been fascinated with the look of the animation or cartoon. The sensation is unique and entertaining. We too never tire to watch Tom & Jerry, Pokemon, Disney-style films, etc. Once adulthood, in fact, our interest in cartoons or animations does not necessarily stop. Moreover, the technology is advancing rapidly. We were so amazed and getting pampered whose name computer generation images (CGI), VFX or visual effects, or also display 3D movies. Or AAS Asian Animation Summit this year will be held in Brisbane, Australia. Previous event it was held also in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The country does have the full support of the government, because it could serve as a catalyst for economic growth in the future. Therefore, the Animation Company that emerged was directly involved in the fierce competition. However, they are growing rapidly and the middle of the spotlight of the world also.

Here are the top 10 best Animation Company in Malaysia.

01) Animasia Studio Sdn Bhd

This Animation Company has been in operation since 1996. With an experience of over approximately 10 years, they’ve become the premier who won the ISO certificate and the MSC Malaysia status companies. The client is no longer based in the country, but also outside. Some even often win awards Asia.

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Under the leadership of Ray Lee, Edmund Chan, and Ah Long, they continue to make progress. The stronger the character design, the concept is more fun, the structure of the story is getting cool, and so on. Their works include Asian Folkroles, Bola Kampung, ABC Monster, Supa Strikas, Chuck Chicken, Bugg & Ozzy, etc. the Bola Kampung Malaysia even so animated artificial inaugural obtain a license from the broadcaster cartoon Disney Channel International(Asia).

02)  Animonsta Studios Sdn Bhd

Mohd Nizam AbdRazak, Kee Yong Pin, Mohd Safwan Ab Karim and Muhammad Anas Abdul Aziz are the names of the company’s founders. They claim to be the developer of a unique animated content, fresh, and can compete in the universal market. In addition, they also uphold local touch. The story is also guaranteed to entertain, with the characters that are so memorable in the hearts of the audience.

Animation Company in Malaysia

His first works were so famous that BoBoiBoy. The TV series tells the resistance against the aliens who continue to harass the earth. These impressions immediately claimed the hearts of the audience, because it really can be enjoyed by all ages. Series that ran for 26 episodes x 11 minutes is even been released in the animated film version on March 3, 2016 yesterday While in Indonesia itself, the film releases on April 13, 2016.

03)  Les’ Copaque Production Sdn Bhd

Anyone who regularly watch Upin & Ipin?

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We would have been familiar with the name of a company based in Shah Alam. Is Burhanuddin bin Md. Radzi and Aenon Binti Ariff (his wife) who became the founder of this company? The husband became managing director- her, while his wife serves as director of creative content. Actually they are not figures that had a background or related experience animation. However they were able to pick a strong talent for working in the multimedia industry, especially animation.

Since its establishment in 2006, they instantly became premier company that produces 3D animation film. The work is so typical. Simple, religious, moral message inserts, have local content, and is packed with witty. No doubt that they are bombarded with many awards. For example in the event Anugerah Starring Popular Daily News, International Quality ERA Award in Geneva, SMI Malaysia, etc.

04)  Ed-Online Technologies Sdn Bhd

The Animation Company was formed in 2001. Lee Chuen Loong is the CEO of the Memenejnya multitalented.He is a figure whose background was in business, law, accounting, and education as well. No wonder that three business areas include entertainment, communication, and learning. Sanga dynamic.

Animation Company in Malaysia

Nine years after its founding, Ed-Online is already included in the Company SME100 FastMoving. Activities vary. They developed a technique of e-learning and educational guidance programs more effective. Whether it is for the Ministry of Education Malaysia, educational institutions, or corporations. They really actively work to develop new talents in the country. Cooperation for the animation, they collaborated with foreign parties as well. Be it with the US, France, and South Korea .

05)  Glue Studios Sdn Bhd

Glue Studios is like as a dynamic company, super fun, and so passionate. They are so excited to present 2D or 3D animation with a unique visual style, as well as an interesting storyline and strong. All that would not be separated from the role of the staff.

Animation Company in Malaysia

Managing director- it was Tariq Md. Noh. Since founding the company, he and his staff kerennya already won many awards. “Bawang Putih Bawang Merah” won the award for Best Animation Award category of “Tales of the Ages”. In the event Kre8tif Industry Awards in 2010, the work also won Most Promising Start-up Animation.

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