Top 5 Most Dangerous Army Weapons in the World

Army Weapons is one thing that is very important for the role of the Indonesian army. Weapons serve to threaten the enemy or even to kill the enemy when in a tight spot. Loopers , weapon Indonesia is very diverse, ranging from long-barreled pistol guns, sniper and others. Loopers, for you who are not familiar with the same weapons used by the Indonesian military.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Army Weapons in the World

Rifle-type SS1

Rifle with type SS1 is the main weapon for the military to conduct raids. This weapon is used both by the Army, Navy and Air Force. This weapon is commonly called with an assault rifle created also by Indonesia know. The name of the company that created this weapon, namely PT. PINDAD under licensing from Belgium. Long guns is divided into several types anymore that followed the Indonesian military posture, kayak type SS1-V1, SS1-V2 until the SS1-V5 and SS1-R5.

Type rifle SS2

After appearing rifle SS1, PT. PINDAD issued rifles version of SS2. This weapon immediately replace weapons version of SS1. In 2006, the military had ordered the shoot SS2 10,000 which is currently used for military Paskhas elite forces, Marines and Special Forces.

M16 Army Weapons

M16 type weapons it has existed since the 1970s when it was the military which fought communism. At that time the substitution of massive weapons to replace Soviet-made weapons. The weapon was replaced by the M16. Until now, the rifle is still used for the territorial forces as troops Kodim and Koramil.

M4 weapon

Weapons used by Detachment 88 personnel, some TNI units like Kopassus, Kopaska and Marines that rifle M4 version. This weapon is synonymous with elite American forces for a short barrel.

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weapons APS

Loopers, not only weapons that can shoot in the ground, but troops who joined the Army Corps Frogs also have a weapon that can shoot in the water. APS weapon, for example. This weapon is capable of firing bullets even when submerged in water even weapons

AUG weapons

Army Weapons

Weapons named AUG stands for Armee Universal GEWEHR which means Army Universal Gun. This weapon if in Indonesia called the Steyr. This weapon uses a bullpup system which can allow made shorter without sacrificing the barrel length. Troops using guns AUG till now that bomb squad, Special Forces and Marines.

Loopers , from the types of weapons above, all the gun cool huh. This shows that Indonesia also has a weapon that can compete in world class. Jaya keeps the Indonesian National Army !

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