These Top 5 Emerging Technologies Trends Attention in 2018

Top 5 Emerging Technologies Trends Attention in 2018

The year 2017 which is coming to an end, has successfully recorded some achievements related to Emerging Technologies development.  Some of the achievements earned this year include smartphone technology , laptops, cameras, virtual reality, augmented reality, and other technology fields.

However, it does not mean the development in the field of technology will stop just like that. As is well known that technology is a dynamic field and full of innovation. For that, it is certain that there will be technological innovation in the next year.

So, the question that arises is what Emerging Technologies innovation will be the trend in 2018?  To answer that, here we present 5 technologies that are expected to be a trend in 2018,

The car will be smarter, cleaner, and independent

This is done to encourage a safer journey for humans and also more environmentally friendly. And in 2018, the trend is expected to continue. In fact, in the next year many car companies begin to make this technology as the foundation for future production.

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One of the most actively moving automobile companies moving towards autonomos is Tesla. Elon Musk’s company is known to start using electricity as a resource for its cars.

Not only that, Tesla also has developed the ability to drive without a driver in some car models. For 2018 alone, Tesla is rumored to be re-introduce the latest electric car.

In addition to Tesla, older car companies have also been rumored to be starting to use electricity as a power source for his car, one of which is General Motors. The US company is planning to produce electric-powered cars

On the other hand, startup companies like Faraday Future also deserve a presence in the development of electric cars.

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Wearables devices will be more useful

This year, wearable devices that release to the market can be said quite a lot. Noted there are some Emerging Technologies companies such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Asus, and several other companies that release wearable devices, especially smartwatch this year.

Although comes with a myriad of useful features, in fact these features are not entirely important and always used by users.

Moreover, wearable devices still have problems with battery life. For that in 2018, wearable devices areexpected to have more useful functions and interesting features.

However, not only about the features and usefulness, wearable device in the future is also expected to come with a better design. It is definitely necessary to make wearable device products remain relevant from year to year.

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The entry of virtual reality into the mainstream

In 2017, there are several companies that have successfully developed virtual reality device technology . Although there are still many trials, the effort has paved the way for the use of virtual reality technology into the wider realm.

If previously virtual reality device is better known as a game play device , it is possible in the future this device can be used in everyday experience, such as watching videos or other activities.

For that, next year is expected virtual reality device will begin to move toward the mainstream as the presence of this device on the market.

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Although not yet certain, the steps of some Emerging Technologies companies that release virtual reality devices in the next year, can help expand the introduction of virtual reality technology in the general public.

Some virtual reality device manufacturers that have been set to release their devices next year include Oculus with his Oculus Rift.

Then there is also HTC who intends to release HTC Vive, and there is PlayStation with PlayStation VR which will be compatible with PlayStation 4 console.

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Tablets, laptops, and desktops will become increasingly integrated

It may be said that this year, smarpthone is the most important device used by most people. However, clearly the smartphone also has its own disadvantages when it will be used to support productivity.

Therefore, at this time not a few users who use multiple devices at once to support productivity. Starting from smartphones , PCs, laptops, tablets, including hybrid devices .

And, one way to facilitate the transfer is by presenting an operating system that can run on multiple devices at once. For this year alone, Microsoft’s new Windows 10 with it that has done so.

Furthermore, it is expected next year this trend will continue to be developed. Therefore, this step can make it easier for users to access multiple devices at once without feeling awkward.

Not only that, this trend also signifies the efforts of some technology companies to offer more functional mobile services , both for play and work.

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Cable is no longer widely used

This year several technology companies have started to introduce TV streaming services. One of them is Apple through its Apple TV service.

The presence of this technology clearly attracts attention, because there is a shift in the use of devices made more simple and without wires.

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In addition to Apple, other streaming TV service is also on the rise this year. Some of the other streaming TV service providers among them are HBO, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, including the most commonly used Netflix service.

The presence of streaming TV service is often called will change the way people to enjoy television. And in the next year, this service is expected to grow larger and larger.

Not just a matter of ease in the device, the content provided was rumored to be increasing. One of them is what Apple TV did a few months ago.

The latest version of Apple TV is already filled with streaming media content apps and services available on the App Store.

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