Top 5 Most Powerful Super Computers in the world

Top 5 Most Powerful Super Computers in the world

My article will review about top 5 most powerful super computers in the world, have a speed and great performance, this computer is not owned for personal interest. It is used for scientific research, enterprise, and human technology development.

Well, this is the fastest super computer in the world:

  • Jaguar

Jaguar is made by Cray operators at Oak Ridge National Laboratory located in Tennessee, United States. Jaguar has a peak performance of 1.7 peta flop / s. This super computer has 224.256 processor cores based on AMD Opteron x86. Its operating system is Linux dubbed the Cray Linux Environment.

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With its amazing computing capabilities, Jaguar is used to support research in a wide range of fields, from seismology, physics to astrophysics.

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  • Tianhe 1A

This one is made in China. China is also making a super computer with the name Tianhe 1. This device was developed by Chinese National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) and was first introduced in 2009.

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In October 2010, an upgrade was made under the name Tianhe 1A. Equipped with super specifications such as 14,336 Xeon X5670 processors and 7,168 Nvidia Tesla M2050 GPUs, Tianhe 1A can record a calculation speed of 2.6 petaflop / s

  • Super MUC

With speeds of up to 3 Petaflop per second, Super MUC is touted as the fastest computer in Europe. Super Muc is the nickname of a new super computer from Germany developed Leibniz-Rechenzentrum in the city of Munich. Like any other super computer, its primary purpose is to hold a wide range of scientific research.

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The Super Muc system will use 18,432 Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge-EP processors and run on IBM System x iData Plex servers. This super computer also uses the latest cooling technology   at IBM called Aquasar which uses hot water to cool the processor.

  • MIRA

 IBM IT giant company is very keen to develop a super computer called Blue Gene. One version was named Mira, which entered the Blue Gene / Q family designed to have a greater performance than previous Blue Gene versions.

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This super computer is placed at the National Laboratory in Illinois, United States to perform various functions. The speed can reach about 8 petaflop per second.

  • K Computer

K Computer made in Japan recorded able to record the calculation speed reached 10.51 petaflop / s. K Computer is a super computer built by Fujitsu Technology Company.

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The device, which is housed in RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science, Kobe, Japan, is equipped with more than 80 thousand CPU units each of which is reinforced with 8 cores. Japan itself has had several super computers.

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