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Read the full description of the Best and Qualified Smartphone Brands in the 2017 World for you all.

At all times, most of our activities must be related to the smartphone. Good as an alarm when waking up, communicating, news sources or information, reference sources, etc.

No doubt, the smartphone is very attractive market. Companies are so aggressive in moving, releasing and promoting their best products. Likewise with a variety of applications that offer comfort, effectiveness, and entertainment.

But from the smartphone market the company competes, still has its own way to filter out the best. Like some names below, my friend must have been very familiar.

Create a buddy who is looking for information about the Best Smartphone Brand. The good news, this post will give info that my friend needs. This article provides information about the Best and Qualified Smartphone Brands in the 2017 World. Let’s see below here.

the best smartphone brand in the world

The latest Smartphone brand for you:

Then what is the Best and Qualified Smartphone Brand in the 2017 World? We will share it for you at home. Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to. So consider this article carefully.

10. Vivo

VIVO is a mobile phone brand that started operations in 2009. Their base exists in China. They focus on smartphones, software, etc. Though critical as a “new player”, but their reputation is speeding. Its products claim the attention of more than 100 countries.

The brand of being a child of BBK Electronics has even entered on one of the many fastest growing mobile brands. Especially when they launch a row of expensive smartphones called the X series, whose mid-series is named V, and the economical version called series Y.

Vivo is so seriously a global growth target. They are constantly and constantly advertising and strategies to market their products. Whether it’s advertising through television, online media, so sponsoring various activities, etc.

9. TCL Alcatel

Senior of Vivo was born in 2004. They are also equally centered in China. But TCL Alcatel has reached more than 170 countries.

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In the market, the company would have been aiming for the target itself. Their image is shaped in such a way that it can become more fun and take on young hearts. Some of their excellent products are Pixi, Pop and Idol.

The company also provides this Tablet claims will always provide the best, healthy, and safe for customers. Innovation will continue to be done for the sake of sophistication. Likewise with Visual Display, which continues to be designed as unique as possible.

8. Oppo

Oppo became Alcatel TCL’s senior, which is also growing very rapidly. They stood from 2001 in China. But first they still focus on the creation of MP3 players, until then in 2008, Oppo also expanded in the smartphone world.

This brand is even a threat to competing older players. In addition they have simply applied the slogan, the art of technology. No doubt, Oppo can appeal to customers spread across more than 20 countries.

Like other companies, They often echo a good quality camera. Other advantages are also greatly promoted through advertisements in the mass media as well as some major events that exist. Brand is definitely better known.

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7. ZTE

Still a smartphone manufacturer from China. There are now ZTE moves, since 1985. Since then, they have become a leading company. They offer a variety of smartphones, tablets, software, etc. There are so good products namely Blade, Axon, Nubia, Zmax, Grand, etc.

One of the sales strategies they implement is the presentation of products with various specifications and prices. We can buy cheap ZTE products to expensive. But the price is set to match the features offered. Whether it be a high-resolution camera, an operating system with today’s applications, etc.

The company has a close relationship with world telecommunication services. Call it Vidafone, Telstra, China mobile, etc. Their names are really so great.

6. LG

Born in 1958, making LG one of the pioneers of many companies. Especially in the field of electronics, household appliances, mobile phones, etc. They not only excel in the cage, South Korea, but the companies that are so famous in the world.

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We already know if LG is also behind the progress of products such as smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc. Feature after feature continues to be developed. Also included with a mobile phone that will no longer use the keys.

Marketing or promotional issues, the LG name is everywhere. Is advertising media, online TV, Formula 1 etc.

5. Xiaomi

year of birth 2010 did categorize Xiaomi as a new company. But if you look at the product and its customers, their enthusiasm is very high. The smartphone segment of their attack seems to be quite successful on target.

The presence of large injection of funds further supports the progress of the company. As a result, they have a quality product that can be pitted against. But uniquely, they cut company costs with online sales systems. Its own flagship product there is a series of Mi and RedMi.

Building a brand is important. Xiaomi themselves apply a quite effective and unique way, so that customers are so interested.

4. Lenovo Motorola

We used to know the Motorola brand. But in 2011, the brand has become part of Lenovo. So, Lenovo did acquire it from Motorola Inc which Duet was quite “deadly”.

Companies based in Illinois-United States slowly but surely could have penetrated the global market. They enriched product quality in smartphone, tablet, smart watch, etc. The fact that the company has a large backrest fund also supports the business of developing the resulting product. Some of their best deals include Moto G, Moto X, Moto, Moto E Maxx and Moto Razr.

We can not forget, the company that became the founder of the presence of such a smart watch Moto 360. The products that have played a major role in increasing the profit of the company has also developed many other manufacturers.

3. Huawei

Huawei is a Chinese business that has been established since 1987. To that end, the company includes telephone equipment and Telecommunications industry. They already have a special place in important segments like smarphone, computer, tablet, broadband network, etc.

As with Xiaomi, Huawei once sucked in huge funding sources. Important capital Of course be a very strong driving force, so they are getting stronger in the top row. In addition they implement investment and strategic cooperation. Embrace them from other brands like Vodafone, TalkTalk, Motorola, Orange, BT, etc. Featured products themselves are Honor, Y, Enjoy, Mate, MediaPad, Ascent, etc.

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Loyal customers continue to provide support, so Huawei is often named one of the most innovative and dynamic companies.

2. Apple

apple logo

Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded the company in 1976. Apple Inc. emerged as a leading brand. Especially when they print hits in the form of Mac and iPhone. Therefore, it is not a big surprise if Apple is not now in the top 3.

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Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007. The world is so amazed. And since that time, they became the icon and the pioneer of the existence of smartphones. From year to year, even their ever-eagerly awaited products and make customers please- Please be anxious before the release date. Some products include iPhone and ipad.

The brand and the product itself is exclusive, making people feel proud and happy. There is a separate gadget when our satisfaction uses the Apple logo. So although the banderolnya quite special, sales remain high.

1. Samsung

brand of samsung logo

champion the latest smartphone sales figures. Undoubtedly, South Korean companies are such a huge segment of its flagship. When they were present in 1969, efforts were made repeatedly and consistently in the course of product progress.

It is used to be even an already powerful and influential brand, namely Nokia. But Samsung also plays a role in its overthrow, so they can seize the throne from the market. In addition, when the community was introduced on the Android operating system. Other product sales figures are just days uphill. Some popular products are Samsung Galaxy Series .

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Given the rapid development of the company, we can guess easily if Samsung has a very strong fund. They are also true sponsorships in various clubs or events such as football, Olympics, basketball, etc.

The number of unit sales for unit products is always proportional to the high demand of the community. But we also hope that the company has been trusted to continue to present the best products. We must constantly remind each other wisely using all the existing gadgets.

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