Top 6 Chat Apps for Android Smartphones

Chat Apps: One habit that is often done by the Android phone is chattingan or to talk through the virtual world via short messages. Present the development of Android smartphone applications more rapidly and unstoppable. This has led to the emergence of various new chat application that is cool and certainly interesting for us to try. On this occasion will share a little information about some of the most popular Android chat application that you must try.

Top 6 Chat Apps for Android Smartphones

1. Top Android BBM Chat Apps

BBM or more familiar with BlackBerry Messenger is one of the best chat application this year. Applications that was developed by BlackBerry is now used by millions of Android smartphone users with a variety of platforms around the world. The features of the BBM is also very regularly updated by its developers.

2. Facebook Messenger Chat Top Android Apps

For those of you Android users need to have a chat application this one. Facebook application name, the application performance can facilitate you to stay connected with Facebook friends via instant messenger more exciting and interesting course.

3. Twiter Chatting Top Android App

Chat Apps

Twitter also one of the Top Android Chat Apps this year, he was no less famous as Facebook or BBM. Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service that enables online users to send news and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters just is not so, twitter known popularly referred to as chirp.

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4. Top Android Whatsapp Chat App

As we know together that Whatsapp is one of Android chat app is very well known and is also quite popular this year. This application is appropriate to use for almost all users of Android smartphones have it. Whatsapp application has many interesting features such as easy to send messages or voice calling features for free without using a pulse.

5. LINE Chatting Top Android App

LINE is also not to be outdone by WhatsApp and BBM, Line meruakan one android chat application that continues to bring the latest innovations with the best features like cool sticker or games, to the LINE coin that we can use to purchase content that is interesting.

6. WeChat  app Chatting Top Android

Chat Apps

WeChat is an application best android chatting 2015. for those of you who like to make new friends. WeChat app has one final feature that can be found around friends who are also both use the same application. Besides the application 6, is still very much Best Android Apps chatting others like Hangouts, Tango, Skype, Click, Viber, Kakao Talk, and of course there are many others. Good information about the 5 Top Android Apps Chatting this time can benefit us all. See you again next dipostingan.

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