Top 7 Best and Free Android Apps for Smartphones

Android Smartphone is a repository of quality applications that ever existed in this world, and is supported by the price of HP’s Android Android smartphone automatically enthusiasts always be added from time to time. Android Smartphone popularity is always increasing, so make some Android app developers always be increased up to produce several hundred thousand quality apps on the Google Play Store.

Top 7 Best and Free Apps for Android Smartphone

On this occasion, we will give the best 7 Android applications that we think deserve my friend try on hp’s most beloved friend, and do not worry because the application which we recommend for my friend is a free Android app that can mate find the Google Play Store.  Definitely not entirely Android apps have a good quality, because made by developers who house-cleaning mixed. To have real Android apps is easy, because we only live see the number of ratings and comments so would look how people vote on the application.

To see the best of any Android application that exists today, we will merekomendasian 7 applications we shall be maintained by each Android smartphone users in Indonesia. To view it please refers to the information that we serve the following.

1. Camera 360 Android Application Best and Most Popular Free

For my friend who likes to take pictures sefie, certainly no stranger to the Camera application 360. This application was developed by PinGuo Inc., and has been used increasingly over 100 million users of Android smartphones, with their much Pemakian number of applications it must be fairly normal for Camera 360 is mentioned as well as the best photographic applications that exist today.

Camera 360 favored because having lots of photo filters that can make the face more handsome pal and more beautiful? This application can be used very lightly because time just requires internal memory has a size of 28 MB and can be used on the android operating system Gingerbread and above.

2. BBM for Android Free Android Application Best and Most Popular

After venturing into Android Smartphone, Blackberry artificial chat application soon so the best application most popular in Indonesia. BBM huge user community chat plus breaks so excellence the best Android apps. BBM For Android has been used increasingly over 50 million users diseluru world, and the average wearer indeed of our country Indonesia.

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BBM for Android always developed, and has conquered the popularity of applications like WhatsUp Chating, and Line. Although often naturally pending the time to send a message, but the free app always be the number 1 choice the people of Indonesia and is now able to send HD images and feature covered Music.

3. MX Player Android Application Best and Most Popular Free

This application is the best video player application on your Android smartphone pal. Almost entirely to video file formats can be played for free this application. Apiliasi terpepuler best and can be obtained by way pal free on google play store, but my friend can also buy premium versus the MX Player Pro with excellence no ads.

Feature that belongs on the Android Application Best And Most Popular Free for one thing: pinch-to-zoom to be big time video size in view, as well as the preparation of the subtitle feature that adds better than other video player application. The most popular applications increasingly has been used for over 100 Million Users, and have been able to smooth the road almost entirely versus Android.

4. Instagram Android Application Best And Most Popular Free

Android Smartphone

Istagram popularity as well as social media photo sharing is indeed no doubt. After purchased by Facebook even further increase the popularity of Instagram. Users of these applications have been growing over 100 million users from all over the world. There can upload the results selfie friend to this application, but unfortunately there is no feature Chating on Instagram.

The advantages of Instagram photo that has a filter which is a lot, until my friend can first edit the photo results selfie moments before uploaded to Instagram. There is no limit to what pictures you upload, so there can upload pictures to Instagram entirely at will, and certainly continue to be free.

5. Nova Launcher Android Application Best and Most Popular Free

For my friend who had tired of the user interface Android Smartphone buddy have, please try Nova Launcer. The app is a smartphone that can be personalized buddy used to change the appearance of the android Standard with some thousands of icons that you can buy or find a way free on google play store.

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The advantage of Nova Laucher, which is sweating when worn and has many features sepertiIcon Themes, Ok Google, as well as the preparation of widgets is complete. Number of users of these applications nearly 50 million users, and has a very small size only 4. 3 MB. Average purposes systemnya must use the Android ICS and above.

6. GO SMS Pro Android Application Best and Most Popular Free

Android Smartphone

GO SMS Pro is the best Android apps for SMS application requirements. If my friend had been fed up with the appearance of the default SMS app Android smartphone, my friend can try to install Android Application Best And The Most Popular Free. Many options are available to mate interesting theme to use by way of free and paid.

Tersedai SMS Blocker feature for my friend who wants to filter incoming sms, and feature Private Box to lock personal applications as well as set privacy pal. One of the best Android apps that has been used increasingly over 50 Million Users in all the world, as well as more fun has been supporting feature Dual Sim and feature a pop-up if there are incoming messages.

7. Clean Master Android Application Best And Most Popular Free

Application Android Application Best And Most Popular Free berikutinya is apikasi named Clean Master. This free app is useful to wipe clean the Cache and Residual Files and beneficial to pegelola applications. friend can move applications from internal memory to memory MicroSD up to increase and accelerate the ability of smartphones pal.

This application is very popular and has been used increasingly over 100 Million Users, and so the best Android application number 1 in the world to upgrade the Android smartphone. Indeed still there are some most excellent Android application that is free to users of Android smartphones, but the seventh most applications it is better than most good

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