How To Trace Missing Android phone with Find My Device

How To Trace Missing Android phone with Find My Device 

Lost phones Android enough to make its helm. Luckily, if the user still remember the location of your phone behind, it can still be helped. However, what if the user actually forgot total where she last left her cell phone?

Actually, there is a special way to trace back the phone Android is missing. Simply use the app Find My Device, users can keep track of their Android phones.

Well , you specifically who forget where placing the phone Android , do not worry. Tekno will be presenting how to track a lost Android phone with Find My Device. Citing information published on CNET

First of all, you have to anticipate if your Android device is lost, the stored data can be automatically deleted. Quite easy, for the latest Android devices, move to Settings -> Google -> Security . Under Android Device Manager, enable Remote Data Wipe with a slide to ” Allow Remote Lock and Erase ” .

Especially for an older Android device, you can go to Settings and tap Android Device Manager . To enable this feature, tap the box ” Allow Remote Factory Reset ” and tap ” Activate ” .

Well , after you install the Find My Devices on other Android devices. Find My Device requires users to log in with a Google account and turn on location. After logging in , you will be prompted to allow the Find My Device using data location, click Accept to continue.

If you’ve logged in, a navigation dashboard will appear showing where your cell phone is with some options. First there is the option that shows the location of the location where you placed the Android phone, complete with a battery that lasts until the last when the phone is switched on.

Second, the option Play Sound . This option allows you lost your Android phone will vibrate and ring for five minutes in a volume maximum. This feature will still work even if your Android phone mode silent .

Third, the option Lock . As the name implies, this feature will automatically lock your Android device. So, there will be no one else can access your Android device. To lock the phone, click the option Lock , enter your new password twice, and type in the number that can be reached when the phone is found.

The latter is the option Erase . This option allows the user to manually delete all data from the Find My Device. This feature, which will automatically remove all data, including applications, photos and videos, music and everything. If your phone turns off, this feature will work after you revived.

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