How to Understanding Differences between Customer and Consumer

Let alone a foreign language, Indonesian also often raises a term that seemed the same, but it turned out to have a different context. Call it the word vision with the mission, understand by understanding, or love with affection. Such words often outwit the language user.

How to Understanding Differences between Customer and Consumer

This time there are customer and consumer terms , which are similar in pronunciation and meaning, but have distinct differences. Some people may assume that this knowledge is not so important. But for others, knowing the difference in meaning of this term can be so vital, especially in the world of economics and marketing strategy.

Literally , customer means customer . They are people who buy your product or pay for your services. You yourself do not know for sure, your goods or service will do next. The person who buys the T-shirt is the customer , the person who buys the T-shirt for resale is the customer , the person who buys the T-shirt for free is a customer , Whoever gives you some money for your product or service is your customer .

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Meanwhile, the consumer itself is a consumer. They become a person who consumes, enjoys, or uses your products and services. They do not have to buy or pay. It could be that A A bought a shirt on you, but who uses his shirt instead Si B. Thus, B is the consumer you. A itself is more properly referred to as your customer .

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It is also possible that a person doubles, as both customer and consumer . That is, the person pays and enjoys your product or service.

In the world of marketing, it is natural that you target the target. The goal can be customer , consumer , or can also mix them. For example in the business of marketing candy products delicious and healthy. This product is made for children . They are the consumers. To that end, the company also makes ads as attractive as possible so that the target can be attracted to buy. But as a connoisseur, the child does not necessarily become responsible. The payer remains the parent or adult who bought the candy.

Parents or adults it became a figure called a customer . As with the instincts of parents, they will indeed consider the health aspects or their impact on the child. Once felt fine and the child likes it, they will be willing to be the customer.

Research indeed proves that children as a consumer can be a very strong influence for the customer . Parents can be persuaded or influenced by their children, so they are willing to pour money to get the product or service.

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