Energy Observer ship the world’s first hydrogen-powered Solar Impulse vs. 2

Solar plane Solar Impulse 2 vs ships Energy Observer hydrogen fuel

Solar Impulse 2 is the first solar-powered aircraft that has been successful around the world in 2016 ago. This time may be done again, but with a circumnavigation of the globe by sea. Ships named Energy Observer is also the first hydrogen-powered ship in the world to sail around the world with a fuel gas that will they create along the way.
Because hydrogen is also a result of burning fossil fuels, now Delafosse, one team of scientists who will sail it to say that they would produce their own such hydrogen from seawater, by cleansing and purification of sea lanes that will be used for the reaction eletrolisa then provides compression in the tank storage.
Hydrogen into alternative fuel choice because it is very light and hydrogen fuel efficiency level reached three times that of fuel oil.
Ship Energy Observer has a hydrogen storage tanks which would make it quite heavy, but it is still lighter than previous solar-powered aircraft.
Solar Impulse
Theoretically, this hydrogen-powered ship will be able to push their boats with a maximum speed of up to 42 knots although in practice they only expect to travel at a speed of 10 knots only.
We can calculate if the airplane with solar panels yesterday can circumnavigate the globe for 18 months, then the ship will be very long with the possibility of completion for six years at considerable cost.
Very slow journey is caused by these vessels have to stop at every location that allows for the introduction of renewable energy that in many places in the world. Where efficient roughly between solar power and hydrogen power yes.

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